How To Store Your Guitar

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How To Store Your Guitar
How To Store Your Guitar

Video: How To Store Your Guitar

Video: How To Store Your Guitar
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Any musical instrument needs special care. Guitars in this sense are no exception. They are susceptible to negative environmental factors such as temperature and humidity. In addition, the tool can noticeably lose its quality as a result of mechanical stress. There are not so many basic rules for storing your guitar, but they will help you keep your instrument in good condition for years to come.

How to store your guitar
How to store your guitar

It is necessary

  • - guitar case;
  • - stand.


Step 1

Try to keep your guitar away from heat sources such as radiators in winter or direct sunlight in summer. High temperatures cause the wood to dry out, and as a result, the seams at the joints of the guitar parts can come apart.

Step 2

Low temperatures are also unfavorable for guitars: the varnish can crack or fall off altogether. Try to avoid strong cooling of the tool

Step 3

In the case when you need to carry your guitar down the street in winter, use a case for this purpose. Also, when the guitar is back in a warm room, do not take it out of the case right away, let the transition to another temperature take place as smoothly as possible.

Step 4

Control the humidity in the room where the guitar is stored. If the room has air conditioning, then this will be easy. The optimum humidity is about 40%.

There are other ways to control humidity. If the air is too dry, you can store your guitar in a carrying case or trunk with a special humidifier, which you can buy at a music store. Protecting your guitar from excessively humid air is possible, perhaps, only if you store it in a case.

Step 5

If the temperature and humidity in the room are optimal, then the choice of how to store the guitar is determined solely by your convenience. You can use a special stand for this, hang it by the headstock on the wall (as is usually done in music stores), or store the guitar in a case.

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