How To Fish In The Fall

How To Fish In The Fall
How To Fish In The Fall

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Fishing, which for a long time remained only a hobby for many people. Today, it acquires the status of a sport, is an example of an active pastime. Basic knowledge and skills are not enough to become a successful fisherman. A true master of fishing must constantly improve his technique, use the latest equipment, and conquer new bodies of water.

How to fish in the fall
How to fish in the fall


Step 1

Fishing in autumn is especially difficult because the fish move away from the coast, where they form large schools. Going to a depth of 10 meters, the fish becomes difficult to access, so only rare connoisseurs of such a hunt rely on a bite in late autumn. If you are going to catch fish in autumn, you should purchase a boat in advance.

Step 2

First you need to find the "fish" places with an echo sounder.

Next, you need to fix the boat, while, the main thing is not to scare the fish away.

Step 3

You also need to skillfully use the bait. It is made from a small, light mixture (basic groundbait, purchased in a store) in the form of several dozen balls. You need to feed it every 10 minutes. The fish, following the bait, sinks to the bottom, after which it can be caught in the traditional way.

Step 4

The feeding trough should be lowered from a higher side. You need to fill it with several types of feed purchased earlier in the store. Bran is also an excellent bait. The bait can include cornmeal, clay, and even bread.

Step 5

It is best to fish one meter below the accumulations of fish. The feeder hangs vertically, it is not carried away by the current. Gradually, you need to lower the bait into the lower reaches to get to the deepest fish species. Observing all these rules, you can achieve an effective and long-term bite.

Step 6

If the biting stops or weakens, touch the feeder, make several rotational, circular movements with it to increase the distribution of the complementary food. If the bite subsides, you need to slightly move the feeder so that the complementary food seeps out of it.

Step 7

Now a little about biting time. In autumn it is important to take advantage of the moment, each type of fish corresponds to a special period of the greatest bite. It is better to come to the reservoir in the late morning, closer to noon, sometimes in the afternoon. Some individuals of the breeder and silver bream peck in the evening around four to six hours. Decrease and cessation of biting is expected several hours before sunset.

Step 8

Using the tips above and personal experience, you can achieve excellent bites in the fall months. Over time, fishing in the fall will be your favorite and will become your new hobby. An amazing and at the same time pleasant property of autumn fishing is the absence of competition, because not every fisherman dares to take a chance and try his luck on the eve of winter.

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