What Are The Riddles About The Weather

What Are The Riddles About The Weather
What Are The Riddles About The Weather

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Riddles about nature and its various phenomena are a great way to diversify the acquired knowledge of a growing child and prepare him for school. It is enough to memorize a few of them, and you can have a pleasant time in the family circle playing entertaining games and tasks.

What are the riddles about the weather
What are the riddles about the weather

The most famous and common puzzles

“Who has been beating the windows for a long time? We see drops from behind the curtains. Our mother will buy an umbrella - I will go for a walk in the yard. " (Rain)

“Who is already sweeping and knocking on the bedroom windows in the morning? Vanya will go for a walk, putting on his felt boots”. (Snow)

Such riddles will be able to teach the child logical and consistent thinking, as well as purely everyday things - what and how to wear in a given weather.

“Who went down early in the morning, he is white, fluffy and thick. The air was smeared with sour cream. So who is he? " (Fog)

“We are very scared to go out on the porch, because today he is just fierce. He froze our river and went to a neighbor's pond. Well, the question arose - who stings everyone's nose in winter? " (Frost)

“The summer visitor heated everything around, and the asphalt became like a stove. “Oh, it would be more likely to rain,” the river asks in the village. "I'm completely tired of getting dry, because of him I became much smaller!" (Summer heat)

“It is pouring from the roof as if from a bucket, but it’s not rain. Go away, winter time! We are waiting for spring and summer! The kid will also answer everyone - what is pouring from the rooftops in March? " (Drops)

“She swooped down with the winter wind and made snowflakes. A white person spun into a merry-go-round, and the car could hardly be pulled out of the snowdrift. " (Blizzard, strong blizzard or blizzard)

“How slippery today! Even our Kolka slipped! He floundered on the ice in front of all the girls. Therefore, so that no one falls off their feet, the janitor pours our sand”. (Ice in the city)

“She throws hail around, and rumbles, and thunders. Sheaves of lightning releases like dynamite into the air. " (Storm)

“He’s in the puddles, look, blowing bubbles. He wants me and you not to forget about the umbrellas. " (Rain)

“It has become stronger today, but it started yesterday. The whole yard became very white, New Year's look”. (Snowfall)

Less common, but no less interesting riddles

“Our garden is covered with white pea crumbs in July. They are all made of ice. Who threw them all here? " (Hail)

“He didn’t blow much yesterday, even the outhouse rested. But now it's just a flurry! So he broke off the wing. " (Wind)

“And at any time of the year, he can predict the weather. Should I take an umbrella or not? And do the kids need to wear hats? All year round, in spring and summer, we listen to his advice. " (Synoptic)

“This important indicator, the thermometer is her friend. If it is hot it is high, and in frost it is low. " (Temperature)

Rebus about temperature, pressure and thermometer will also be able to teach the baby new words.

“We'll hang it outside and find out - heat or cold. He has a thin column of alcohol - it walks in it, as if alive. " (Thermometer outside the window)

“It is measured by a device that is a relative of a thermometer. The arrow of the barometer has been serving people for a long time. Suddenly, and low it, rain knocks on our window. If it goes up, no one is waiting for rain. " (Atmosphere pressure)

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