How To Photograph A Watch

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How To Photograph A Watch
How To Photograph A Watch

Video: How To Photograph A Watch

Video: How To Photograph A Watch
Video: How to Photograph Watches 2023, December

Photographing a watch is a painstaking process that requires knowledge of certain techniques and rules. It is important to capture the texture of materials, to clearly reflect small details and inscriptions in the picture, to emphasize the originality of the design of products.

How to photograph a watch
How to photograph a watch

It is necessary

  • - clock;
  • - lighting;
  • - table, background;
  • - camera, optics for macro photography;
  • - tripod.


Step 1

Before taking pictures of the watch, do some preparatory work. Prepare coasters, glasses, reflectors. Clean the products from dust and dirt, in order to avoid the appearance of new marks from fingers, work in cotton gloves. Align the clock hands in the desired direction, install electronic indicators.

Step 2

Adjust lighting. Most often, a lightbox with three sources of soft diffused light is used for shooting watches, which prevents the appearance of shadows. Use studio lighting: softboxes, modeling lights, attachments, and reflectors to get the glare and texture of polished metal.

Step 3

Choose a background that perfectly emphasizes the texture of the watch. When shooting against a white background, the backdrop can be used as a source of additional light by placing the lighting fixture behind it. Please note that it is very difficult to change the background during installation, so it is important to make the right choice from the beginning.

Step 4

When choosing optics for your watch photography, opt for a fixed lens such as a macro lens with a focal length of 90-120mm. Use a cable-operated camera for easy shooting.

Step 5

To photograph a watch, you need a heavy tripod that is not easy to move. It is better if the tripod is equipped with a 3-D head. It allows you to easily move the camera from horizontal to vertical position.

Step 6

Place the watch on a plexiglass stand in the desired position, adjust the lighting. Mount the camera on a tripod. Select manual macro mode, focus on the watch face, and take a shot. For a clearer transmission of all details of the product, highlight the elements of the clock one by one, take the required number of pictures. Then in "Photoshop" assemble the resulting frames into one using masks.