How To Make A Pastoralist

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How To Make A Pastoralist
How To Make A Pastoralist

Video: How To Make A Pastoralist

Video: How To Make A Pastoralist
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It so happened that on Easter it is more customary to bake cakes than to make Easter. It seems troublesome to modern housewives, and only the highest quality products go to her. In addition, it is not so easy to buy a mold for making Easter (a paso-box) in a store. And if suddenly this curiosity comes across on the counter, it is either very expensive or made of plastic - a material that has nothing to do with Easter at all. And the thought arises: why not make a pasochny with your own hands? Perhaps worth a try.

How to make a pastoralist
How to make a pastoralist

It is necessary

  • - a board of their linden (birch);
  • - file;
  • - lace;
  • - thorns;
  • - chisel;
  • - a knife.


Step 1

The shape of Easter is traditionally pyramidal. It symbolizes Golgotha - the place of Christ's martyrdom. But its top is not sharp, but truncated. This means that your paso-box will also be in the form of a truncated pyramid. For forms, take only wood, but not anyhow, but linden (it is soft, suitable for carving) or birch. The board should be smooth, 1 centimeter thick.

Step 2

Saw four trapezoidal pieces. The shortest side of the trapezoid (this will be the top of the pyramid) should not exceed six centimeters. Otherwise, Easter will not stay in shape. The height of the trapezoid varies from 15 to 22 centimeters.

Step 3

Next, you need to think about how the parts will be held together to form a pyramid. There are several options here, it all depends on how experienced the craftsman will make the pasochny.

Step 4

A simpler option: cut the edges of the trapezoid at an angle of 45 degrees (so that when they join, they form a right angle). Further, in two places - above and below, make recesses with a file through which it will be possible to bandage parts of the pasochny so that the lace does not fall off and is kept at the same level.

Step 5

Option two: again, grind the planks at an angle of 45 degrees, but use spikes as joints. Make thorns on two boards, and grooves for them on the other two. In the spikes, also make holes for the wedge so that the structure does not fall apart.

Step 6

Now make two more details - square ones that would cover the top and bottom of the pyramid. But their sides should be a millimeter shorter so that excess liquid flows from Easter.

Step 7

On the inner side of the parts, you can cut out patterns of the bead theme: crosses, inscriptions "Christ is risen", etc. You can use a floral ornament that symbolizes the harvest: grape clusters or a symbol of purity - lilies. You just need to cut deep enough so that the pattern is convex. To do this, use chisels (with round ends) and a knife.

Step 8

The details of the pasochny are connected with ropes or hemp. Do not use synthetic materials. If you don't know how to handle wood at all, there is a way out. Make a cardboard box. Just line the inside of it with foil to keep the cardboard from getting wet.

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