How To Organize A Theater Studio

How To Organize A Theater Studio
How To Organize A Theater Studio

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A theater studio can be created for children and adults. On the basis of the studio, students and visitors receive knowledge of acting, singing, dancing, stage speech and stage movements. But the main vocation of the theater studio is nevertheless numerous performances and sketches in various genres, thanks to which the acting talent of the participants in the process develops. How to start your own theater studio from scratch?

How to organize a theater studio
How to organize a theater studio


Step 1

In order for a theater studio to operate within the framework of the law, to bring profit to its owners, it must be registered with the tax authorities. Design the studio as an individual entrepreneur or LLC, depending on what real profit you expect from it, how many official employees are going to employ, and so on.

Step 2

After the official registration of the studio, if you are going to work with children, you will need an activity license. You should inquire about the forms of licensing for various types of activities in the licensing committee of your region.

Step 3

Once you have all the official documents required for theatrical activity, you will need to think about where the studio will be located, in a rented place or in your own premises. The studio needs to be equipped with props, make appropriate repairs, if necessary, purchase furniture for the audience, acting costumes, etc.

Step 4

For the organization of a theater studio, one director is not enough. A staff of professional creative specialists is required who will teach the art of theater to all who signed up for the studio. You will also need an accountant, a cashier to carry out the required calculations and offer tickets to studio guests. You may need an administrator or housekeeping assistant. If the studio plans to go on tour with time, you will need transport that delivers the troupe along with the props to the place, as well as a driver.

Step 5

To open your own theater studio, you will need start-up money. But if it is absent or catastrophically small, you can consider the option of operating the studio for a franchise. To do this, you should search through the Internet or advertisements for offers from large theater studios promoting their systems of teaching theater arts, starting from childhood. At first, such training centers help to support financially and creatively the newly opened theater studios, centers and circles.

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