How To Play In The Theater

How To Play In The Theater
How To Play In The Theater

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Theater (from the Greek théatron - a place for spectacles, spectacle) is a synthetic kind of art. The theatrical performance is based on a literary script that describes the number and characters of the heroes, as well as their replicas. To play a role in professional or amateur theater, it is important to master the basics of acting.

How to play in the theater
How to play in the theater


Step 1

Get hold of your body. Take up dancing - modern or classical, pair, group or solo. Feel the space around you, analyze the muscle sensations from each movement.

Step 2

Develop your speaking technique. Do articulation exercises, read tongue twisters, poetry and prose at different rates, with different moods, that is, in different proposed circumstances: a walk in the woods, a scary tale, a drunken voice, rap, and so on. Analyze the work of the whole body, trying to distort the voice: the body helps you remember the sensations experienced in such situations.

Step 3

Develop your memory. Read texts by heart, memorize sequences of numbers, colors, names, objects.

Step 4

During rehearsals, listen to the director's directions and focus on your partner. Forget about your own character and adopt the habits of your character, trying to understand the motives of his behavior. Rely on intuition.

Step 5

Learn to trust your partner. Under the direction of the director, do exercises for team building, synchronization of joint actions.

Step 6

Read books about theater, including the Stanislavsky system. Apply the system's methods to your own role work.

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