How To Make A Homemade Speargun

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How To Make A Homemade Speargun
How To Make A Homemade Speargun

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Hunting for the inhabitants of rivers and lakes with the help of an underwater gun is very exciting and reckless. A real shotgun is quite expensive, but if you have all the materials you need, you can make your own spring loaded speargun.

How to make a homemade speargun
How to make a homemade speargun

It is necessary

  • - wire for a spring, brand PK, OVS or 65G, diameter 2 mm;
  • - duralumin pipe, inner diameter 13 mm;
  • - plates made of nylon, aluminum, beech, oak, vinyl plastic, 10 mm thick;
  • - stainless steel rod 7-8 mm;
  • - lathe;
  • - oven for heat treatment;
  • - drill;
  • - vice;
  • - jigsaw.


Step 1

Start with the most critical part - the springs. Wind it on a lathe, heat it in an oven, apply an anti-corrosion coating. If possible, order all these works to specialists. Make the spring length so that it exceeds the barrel length by 250-300 mm. Even after shrinkage, it should be 100-200 mm more so that the spear receives more energy when fired. Make the diameter of the turns 12 mm, and the distance between them is 5 mm

Step 2

Use a duralumin ski pole to craft the barrel. The most convenient barrel length is 600-750 mm. Cut a thread from both ends and cut a groove under the sear, with a length of 150 to 170 mm (to adjust the force of the fight). Make a few holes to quickly drain the water out of the barrel

Step 3

Carve a plug and a muzzle out of duralumin. Drill a hole in the plug to accommodate the harpoon

Step 4

To make a handle, take two plates and hold them in a vise. Drill a hole in both parts at once equal to the diameter of the barrel, then cut out the outlines of the handle. Under the trigger in each half, use a milling cutter or file to make a recess of 3.5 mm.

Step 5

Drill holes for fasteners and a spring, sear axle and fuse. Connect the two halves of the handle on the barrel, press in with the screws. To prevent it from slipping, fix the thrust ring in front of it.

Step 6

Make a trigger: trigger, sear, spring and safety. Be sure to temper the sear. After all parts of the handle are ready, assemble it and fix it.

Step 7

Make a harpoon from stainless steel, the sleeve should slide on it. Attach the line to the movable sleeve. It absorbs the PTFE ring and rests against the shank, which fixes the spear. Sharpen the tip under 3 or 4 sharp edges.

Step 8

Cut the spreader from a strip of steel and screw it to the barrel end cap. While winding, lay the line under the plate, and tie it to the front sight in front. When you shoot, the line will pull out from under the plate and unwind.

Step 9

Check the functionality of the homemade speargun. Insert the harpoon and squeeze the spring so that it locks with the sear (until it clicks). Press the trigger, while the sear should fall into the recess, the spring should be unclenched, and the harpoon should fly out with force.

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