How To Learn To Shoot An Air Rifle

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How To Learn To Shoot An Air Rifle
How To Learn To Shoot An Air Rifle

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Thanks to the purchase of an air rifle or pistol, you can get the opportunity to both learn marksmanship and practice its technique. This skill can also come in handy when shooting firearms, which have a large recoil that interferes with aiming.

How to learn to shoot an air rifle
How to learn to shoot an air rifle


Step 1

Watching a high-class shooter, you will notice that his movements are precise, harmonious and aimed at shooting accuracy, and his technique is impeccable. If you want to learn high-quality and accurate shooting, it is best to learn from an experienced professional - observing, evaluating and analyzing his every move.

Step 2

An experienced shooter throws and leashes in one precise and light movement, without turning the body 180 °. The first thing a newbie needs to learn is to raise the rifle, not hold the butt against the shoulder. To do this, you need to determine the "leading eye", ie. optimal for aiming. Putting your hand forward with a raised thumb, first close one eye, while directing your gaze to this finger, then the other. The role of the "leader" will be played by the eye that moves the finger to the least extent.

Step 3

The stock should be lifted not towards the shoulder, but towards the cheek. When aiming the rifle, your hand should be on the handle. At the same time, it must lie in such a way that an accidental descent does not occur. This moment must be strictly controlled. Make the descent very smoothly. At the same time, it is better to hold your breath, this will allow you to concentrate as much as possible on the target and make an accurate shot.

Step 4

It is best to start training in air rifle shooting at targets that are located at a decent distance from you. To learn how to make corrections for distance to the target and movement-anticipation, it is advisable to shoot at moving targets that are located at a great distance. Skills can be practiced in the shooting range, as well as outdoors.

Step 5

When you manage to develop the skill of correct throwing up to automatism, you will only have to focus your gaze on the target, and then everything will go “like clockwork”. The coordination and automatism of movements worked out during the practice will allow you to direct the rifle to the desired point. For a reference point, it is optimal to shoot from 150 to 200 targets in one training session.

Step 6

Choosing the right rifle is also important for shooting practice. It is better for a beginner to purchase an inexpensive air gun. The most optimal option for beginners are PCR or PPP rifles with medium power. Such models of weapons do not have recoil and are affordable.

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