How To Make A Beaded Bracelet

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How To Make A Beaded Bracelet
How To Make A Beaded Bracelet

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Beading is a very popular and affordable needlework. From beads - small beads - you can make a wide variety of crafts and jewelry: beads, earrings, necklaces and, of course, bracelets.

How to make a beaded bracelet
How to make a beaded bracelet

Bracelet "Pigtail"

The weaving of this jewelry is very simple, both a novice needlewoman and even a child can handle it, but the product turns out to be very effective and stylish. Choose beads in 3 colors in the same color scheme or contrasting shades. For example, these can be turquoise, blue and white beads. Also prepare everything you need for weaving. You will need:

- nylon thread;

- a thin needle;

- clasp;

- scissors.

Cut 6 strands with a length of 30 cm. String one bead on the strand, at a distance of 5 cm from the edge. Tie a knot under the bead, or pull the string through it twice to secure it to the string.

It is very convenient to string beads if you grease the end of the thread with glue or nail polish.

String beads of the same color. The length of the thread should be equal to the girth of the wrist plus 2-3 cm, this is approximately 16-18 cm. Tie a knot under the last bead. In the same way, make 6 strands of 2 of the same color.

Fold all the threads together. Divide into 3 parts and begin to weave them with an ordinary pigtail. Twist the remaining ends of the threads at both ends, string several beads on them. Attach the clasp. Carefully cut off excess threads. Such a bracelet can be decorated with unusual beads, buttons, small charms with inscriptions or the image of an animal.

Bracelet "Crystal drops"

To make this bracelet, in addition to beads, you will need cut beads of a larger size (4-8 mm in diameter). This jewelry looks very impressive if you use multi-colored faceted beads and solid-colored beads. You will also need:

- nylon thread or fishing line;

- a thin needle;

- a clasp for a bracelet;

- scissors.

Cut the thread about one meter long. At the end of it, fix one bead by pulling the thread through it twice and tighten it. The beading pattern is quite simple. String 6 beads and 1 bead. Pull the thread through the 6 beads again. As a result, they must bend around the bead on one side.

To prevent the beads from slipping, place them on a piece of flannel, knitwear, or velvet.

Cast on 3 more beads and 1 bead and pull the thread through beads 4, 5 and 6. Then pull the thread through the last beads you cast and tighten everything. Continue to weave the links of the bracelet in the same way to the desired size.

At the end of the weave, secure and attach the clasps on both sides of the bracelet. Cut off excess ends.

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