How To Upgrade Your Jacket

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How To Upgrade Your Jacket
How To Upgrade Your Jacket

Jackets and other outerwear are usually bought for more than one season. Buying a new jacket every year is not only expensive, but not everyone wants to, many get used to their favorite thing and do not want to part with it. What to do if a hole appears somewhere or some place is glazed or dirty? What if the jacket just began to bore you, but buying a new one is not included in your plans?

How to upgrade your jacket
How to upgrade your jacket

It is necessary

  • applications
  • thermal stickers
  • iron
  • floss thread
  • canvas
  • scraps of fabric, leather, suede
  • fabric paints
  • fabric markers


Step 1

The easiest way to update almost any wardrobe item is to use iron-on stickers, also called iron-on or thermal patches. Now in stores for sewing and needlework, a rather large assortment of them is presented: suede, denim, and machine embroidered. Their themes are also varied - from children to rock music. The technique for using such stickers is simple: apply the applique over the fabric, press with a hot iron (preferably through a cloth) and hold for half a minute. If the applique is large, it is better to repeat the procedure from the seamy side of the jacket, and it will be even more effective to sew it on a typewriter or at least grab it with a few stitches by hand.

Step 2

Another way to diversify clothes is embroidery. Baste the canvas for embroidery in the right place and cross-stitch the pattern you like according to the scheme. The canvas can be carefully cut or pulled out along separate threads - in this case, only the image itself remains on the product.

Step 3

If you have worn spots on your leather jacket, it is best to take it to dry cleaning or clothing repair, where specialists will touch up unsightly places and the thing will still serve you. You can try using a spray or cream for leather shoes on your own, but experiment first in an inconspicuous place, since the cream can, firstly, leave marks, and secondly, differ in color from the leather of the jacket.

Step 4

If you have pieces of similar fabric, leather, or suede, you can make regular patches in the right places. If the patches on the elbows do not seem very aesthetic to you, you can add patches from the same material to other places of the jacket - this will give originality and completeness to the updated product.

Step 5

You can not only update the look of the jacket, but also make it more functional by sewing on any number of pockets of different shapes and sizes.

Step 6

Use zippers, rivets, original buttons, beads or rhinestones (depending on their compatibility with the material of the product).

Step 7

There are also fabric and leather paints and markers on the market. With their help, you can decorate your jacket with the most intricate designs and inscriptions.