What Climbing Indoor Plants Are

What Climbing Indoor Plants Are
What Climbing Indoor Plants Are

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Climbing plants, ampelous and lianas are a real find for those who wish to decorate an empty wall or window in an apartment. Many of the flowers grow even where the sun rarely looks.


Epipremnum, or scindapsus

This liana is rightfully considered one of the most beautiful climbing indoor decorative deciduous plants. Suindapsus shoots with glossy, fleshy, heart-shaped leaves of dark green color. There are 10 species that differ in color and leaf shape. The plant is unpretentious, grows well and develops even in the shade, but with a lack of light, the foliage of variegated scindapsus becomes less decorative.


People call this beautiful liana with unusual star-shaped flowers as wax ivy. In the wild, the plant is found in Southeast Asia, there are about 200 species in total, but in indoor floriculture, the fleshy hoya, which grows excellently at home, is the most popular. With good care, the shoots reach 3 meters in length, so they definitely need support.

Hoya is a deciduous plant and in winter it needs to be given a dormant period, the foliage should be removed and the wax ivy should be placed in a cool place. In February - early March, the hoya will start to grow, quickly grow leathery leaves and will delight you with beautiful flowering.

At the end of flowering, short lignified shoots on which the flowers were located cannot be removed, since new inflorescences will appear on them next year.


Climbing liana with interesting foliage. Young leaves are heart-shaped; as it grows, the leaf stretches and becomes arrow-shaped. The syngonium has a very beautiful and unusual color in patterns of white, pale green and cream shades.

The plant tolerates room conditions well, grows remarkably at room temperature and requires minimal maintenance (it only needs regular watering and spraying).

The vines need a support that can be wrapped in moss. Since the syngonium has aerial roots, they can grow into it, as a result of which the plant will receive additional nutrition.

Hedera, or common ivy

It is a popular houseplant because it is known for its unpretentiousness and has a wide variety of colors and foliage shapes. If the ivy is provided with good support, then its shoots can grow up to several meters. The growth of ivy can be limited by pruning, and the plant can be easily propagated by cuttings obtained as a result of this procedure. Heder, grown in hanging baskets, looks beautiful.

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