How To Lure A Duck On A Hunt

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How To Lure A Duck On A Hunt
How To Lure A Duck On A Hunt

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The ability of ducks to stray into flocks is very high, so they willingly sit down with their own kind. The drake, as a rule, flies with great pleasure to places where he envies the female or hears her voice. This feature of ducks is used by hunters to lure drakes in the so-called "decoy" hunt.

How to lure a duck on a hunt
How to lure a duck on a hunt

It is necessary

Decoy duck, stuffed ducks, twine, load (stones), hut


Step 1

You can lure a drake by imitating the voice of a female of the same species by placing stuffed ducks on the water. The most perfect bait for mallard drakes is specially bred decoy ducks, which are seated in the water instead of stuffed animals.

Step 2

During the period of continuous passage of ducks, take a decoy duck (or even two), several stuffed ducks of various species with you on the hunt. If a variety of ducks are found on the flight in the spring, you will need a set of stuffed animals of several types - teals, mallards, pickaxe ducks, etc.

Step 3

Choose a location for the bait. Usually these are large reservoirs located on the main routes of passage of ducks.

Step 4

Arrange the stuffed animals by type, in some disorder (not in rows). They should stand near the hut with a wide front, be clearly visible from the side and from a distance seem to be a flock of ducks sitting down to feed.

Step 5

Arrange the ambush in such a way that it is no more than fifteen meters from it to the farthest scarecrows. Place the stuffed animals on strong leashes, at the same time attach one end of the leash to a load (stone, lead) or a metal anchor. Attach the other end to a wire brace driven into the bottom of the dummy. The length of the leash should be one meter longer than the depth of the reservoir.

Step 6

Place the decoy duck on a thin and strong twine of a slightly longer length, making the load heavier (about a kilogram). The decoy duck is located directly in front of the place where the hunter sits, place the stuffed animals on both sides of it. Make sure that the leashes of the stuffed animals and the decoy duck do not get mixed up.

Step 7

During the approach of ducks, the hunter must shout, imitating the voice of a duck of a certain species, issuing two or three abrupt urges. There is no need to beckon with the voice of mallard drakes - this is done by a decoy duck.

Step 8

Hunt "for decoys" from the shore or from a boat. When hunting from the shore, build a shelter in the form of a hut in advance. Choose a place for the hut so that you can place the scarecrow and planting without the help of a boat, using only high boots.

Step 9

To build a hut, pick up branches 2-3 cm thick, strengthen them with one end in the ground, and tie the upper ends. Put 2-3 branch hoops on top of the branches and attach them with ropes. Such a hut is convenient in that it can be carried from place to place. Disguise the installed hut with bush branches, grass and hay.

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