How To Protect Yourself From Conspiracies

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How To Protect Yourself From Conspiracies
How To Protect Yourself From Conspiracies

Video: How To Protect Yourself From Conspiracies

Video: How To Protect Yourself From Conspiracies
Video: Conspiracy Theories and the Problem of Disappearing Knowledge | Quassim Cassam | TEDxWarwick 2023, December

Despite the fact that we are surrounded by a modern information society, in the life of every person there is a place for mystical and inexplicable events. For people, belief in the power of magic, conspiracies and corruption is still relevant. You can protect yourself from negative energy directed at you by an ill-wisher. For this, there are a variety of techniques to get rid of conspiracy or corruption.

How to protect yourself from conspiracies
How to protect yourself from conspiracies


Step 1

On the inside of your clothing, attach a safety pin with the clasp downward - this will repel any negative energy that is directed at you. You can also use a red woolen thread for this - tie it around your left wrist and do not remove it.

Step 2

If you begin to experience negative emotions while in a crowded area, cross your arms over your chest or cross your legs - this will help you psychologically isolate yourself from the crowd and create a kind of protective shield around you.

Step 3

In addition, you can connect your imagination and visualize this screen around you as a mirrored wall facing outward mirrors, or a golden hemisphere that closes you from negative energies, but at the same time allows you to see the people around you and interact with them.

Step 4

Your fantasy should play a key role in your self-defense against other people's directed influences - imagining that you are surrounded by protective symbols, you will form the corresponding reality around you. In particular, it helps a lot in protecting against conspiracies to imagine yourself in the morning dressed in golden clothes with a gold headdress. Imagine walking in sunny weather between two cereal fields. This visualization will protect you for the whole day ahead.

Step 5

When taking a shower after a hard and exhausting day, imagine that water is a positive energy that washes away all the negativity accumulated during the day. If you are a believer, ask God to remove negative energy from you, if any, and then imagine that it is pouring silver rain on you.

Step 6

Also try to imagine yourself wrapping yourself headlong in a huge, fragrant rose petal. Make the visualization as clear as possible so that you can almost smell the real scent of a rose. It will calm and protect you.

Step 7

In order to remove the already imposed curses and conspiracies, learn to breathe correctly. Sing aloud the lingering sounds, simultaneously with the correct inhalation and exhalation, and then begin to sing these sounds to yourself, trying to spread the sound vibration throughout the body. If it seems to you that some thing can protect you in the future from the same curse, always carry it with you as a talisman.