Balsam: Care And Reproduction

Balsam: Care And Reproduction
Balsam: Care And Reproduction

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Balsam is an indoor shrub, reaching a height of no more than 50 cm. The main flowering time is from spring to autumn. Balsam can be annual or perennial.

Balsam: care and reproduction
Balsam: care and reproduction

Seed propagation

The best time to grow this plant with seeds is from late February to early March.

  • Seeds must be soaked in warm water in advance for 2-3 hours.
  • Prepare planting boxes and fill them with perlite.
  • Spread the seeds on the surface of the perlite, slightly sinking, but not burying them.
  • Drizzle with a spray bottle and cover with glass.

In order for the plant to germinate quickly, it is necessary to maintain diffused bright light, the temperature should be 20-22 ° C. The glass must be removed daily for 10 minutes to ventilate. Seedlings begin to appear 2-4 weeks after sowing. After the appearance of 2 full leaves, the plants should be planted in separate pots.


  • The plant must be placed in partial shade. The optimal direction will be west or east.
  • The temperature of the content for the winter period is 15-17 ° C, for the summer period 20-22 ° C.
  • In the spring-summer season, balsam needs abundant watering, and in the autumn-winter it should be reduced. Avoid drying out the soil and excess moisture in the pan.
  • From May to September, balsam must be fed every 15-17 days with mineral fertilizers, it is better not to use nitrogen fertilizers, as this will affect late flowering.
  • Any soil with a good drainage system is suitable for growing.

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