How To Make A Hawaiian Skirt

How To Make A Hawaiian Skirt
How To Make A Hawaiian Skirt

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A Hawaiian-style party is unthinkable without fiery music, a sea of ​​bright flowers, juicy fruits and exotic Hawaiian costumes. The costume for the Hawaiian dance "hula" consists of a fluffy flying skirt made of raffia palm fibers and a short top, and the heads of the dancers are adorned with large flowers. This spectacular and unusual outfit can be made quite easily not only from traditional materials, but also from their modern substitutes - synthetic fibers, Christmas tree tinsel, colorful ribbons and even from garbage bags.

How to make a Hawaiian skirt
How to make a Hawaiian skirt

It is necessary

  • - Polyethylene garbage bags;
  • - nylon threads / herringbone "rain" / synthetic ropes / natural or artificial raffia;
  • - scissors;
  • - stapler / glue.


Step 1

Get a large plastic trash bag with ties. It is advisable to purchase bags in green or white to make the skirt more similar to the traditional skirt of hula dancers.

Step 2

Attach this bag to the figure just below the waist and mark the desired length of the skirt - just below the knees or ankle-length. Cut off the excess length of the trash bag.

Step 3

Cut the bag into as many strips as possible. Use scissors to cut the bag up to the tie. Be careful not to accidentally cut the drawstring drawer.

Step 4

To make the skirt more lush, cut a couple more trash bags in the same way and attach them to the first bag with a stapler so that the metal staples are not too noticeable. Slip a makeshift skirt over yourself and tie it around your waist or hips.

Step 5

In the same way, you can build a skirt from other materials at hand: Christmas tree "rain", unbraided synthetic ropes, nylon fiber, inexpensive yarn. If funds permit, you can use traditional natural raffia.

Step 6

Cut a wide, dense tape for the base of the skirt to which you will be attaching the threads. Its length will be equal to the girth of the waist plus 10-15 cm for the fastener and wrap. From the materials listed above or from other fibers like them, cut many strands that are twice the length of the finished skirt. Fold the threads together gently.

Step 7

Take a small bundle of threads and fold it in half. Use threads or a stapler to attach this bundle at the fold to the base tape closer to its bottom. Attach all other threads in the same way. The skirt can be either transparent, single-layer, or fluffy, with tight-fitting threads in several layers. Sew two buttons or hooks to the waistband of your skirt.

Step 8

You can also make a crepe paper skirt by cutting it into narrow strips that are tied to a satin ribbon (waist circumference plus an increase in strings - 25 cm). The paper strips can also be glued to the backing tape or stapled.

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