How To Draw Mythical Creatures

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How To Draw Mythical Creatures
How To Draw Mythical Creatures

Video: How To Draw Mythical Creatures

Video: How To Draw Mythical Creatures
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Since ancient times, mythological creatures have occupied the imagination of artists, drawing a variety of images in their fantasies. One of the most famous mythological creatures since ancient times is the Phoenix bird, which symbolizes the cycle of life in nature, immortality and rebirth from the ashes. The image of the phoenix was found in world culture back in biblical times, and you can easily try to draw this bird by creating an original image and embodying it on paper.

How to draw mythical creatures
How to draw mythical creatures


Step 1

Start drawing the mythical Phoenix with guide lines that match the outline of an ordinary bird. First, draw a small circle that will become the bird's head, and then draw a large oval to it. Draw the lines of the neck between the oval and the small circle. Thus, you have created a blank for the middle part of the bird's body.

Step 2

Add to the created shapes outlines of details that distinguish the phoenix from a simple bird - draw the outlines of the tall triangular feathers at the top of the head, draw the lines of the bird's paws, as well as the guides for the wings and tail. Draw elongated and sinuous feathers that resemble flames.

Step 3

Draw a beak on the "face" of the phoenix and draw a bunch of feathers under the beak. Then sketch out the outlines of the almond-shaped eye and, on the side of the head, draw a long and beautiful feather descending downward.

Step 4

Modify the shape of the wings and tail - detail the feathers, make them realistic and beautiful.

Step 5

Be patient and work out the shape and appearance of the feathers so that the phoenix in the finished drawing looks as realistic as possible. Sketch the individual feathers from the top of the body to the bottom.

Step 6

Draw the eye and beak of the phoenix, and draw the feathers so that they do not hide the main outlines of the bird's body. Draw both heavy and dense flight feathers and light fluffy feathers on the bottom layer of the wings. Pay special attention to the length of the tail feathers - the tail of the phoenix should be long and beautiful.

Step 7

After the drawing is complete, erase the guide lines and color the drawing in Photoshop, creating an unusual fire effect and adding shadows.