How To Win In The Game "Balda"

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How To Win In The Game "Balda"
How To Win In The Game "Balda"

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Balda is the name of a simple and fun logic board game in which you have to form words using letters located on the playing field. This activity will appeal to both adults and children. It will not only enrich your vocabulary, but also develop logical thinking and intelligence.

How to win in the game "Balda"
How to win in the game "Balda"

It is necessary

  • - paper;
  • - writing accessories.


Step 1

In the game "Balda" the main field is a table consisting of 25 cells (5 cells horizontally and 5 cells vertically). In the central horizontal row, any word of 5 letters is located (by the program it is selected in an arbitrary, random way). It should be noted that each letter of a given word must be in a separate, "own" cell. Before starting the game, you can change both the size of the playing field and the location of the original word. However, do not forget that after varying the number of empty cells must be even. This is necessary in order for the participants to be able to form an equal number of words during the game.

Step 2

Before starting the game, the first thing you should do is draw a 5x5, 7x7 or some other dimension on a piece of paper (in a box). After that, it is necessary that one of the participants came up with an initial word, the number of letters of which would coincide with the number of cells on one side of the square, and inscribe it in the central horizontal row.

Step 3

As soon as all the preparations are completed, you can proceed directly to the game itself. By lot, by counting, or in some other way, a participant is selected who will go first. He must place his letter on the playing field in such a way that it is above or below the cells already filled with the word. If you have been playing this game for quite some time, you are a so-called professional of the game, you can take the "royal" step, which implies the installation of letters in a diagonal way. Then the word is composed using the assigned letter.

Step 4

In the course of the game, each participant must adhere to the following series of rules: - words should be formed by moving along adjacent cells, which are located relative to each other at right angles (in the "royal" version - in any adjacent directions); - the word being composed must necessarily exist in dictionaries; - the word must be a common noun in the initial singular and nominative form; - it is forbidden to use jargon, compound words, words using diminutive suffixes if such words are not in dictionaries); - when composing a word, the letter previously placed on the field should be used; - in one game, words should not be repeated, even if they are homonyms.

Step 5

If one of the players refused to move, and the previous one did not violate the rules of the game, then the player who refused receives a penalty point. If, after the refusal, it turns out that the rules have been violated, then the offender gets a penalty point. After a penalty point has been awarded, the game continues with a new word, the next player in turn calls the first letter.

Step 6

When calculating points, the following rule applies: “one letter - one point”. Therefore, the longer the word you invented, the more points you can get. The game ends when all cells of the playing field are filled.

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