How To Make Fabric Roses

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How To Make Fabric Roses
How To Make Fabric Roses

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Rose has always been considered the most elegant addition to a woman's (and not only) costume. In recent seasons, designers constantly use flowers made from various materials in the design of dresses, bags, shoes. It looks very stylish. In addition, this is another way to emphasize the uniqueness of the image. However, designer jewelry made from fabric flowers is quite expensive. Therefore, the question of how to make roses from fabric becomes one of the dominant places among needlewomen who adhere to fashion trends in clothing and accessories.

This is what roses made of fabric look like
This is what roses made of fabric look like

It is necessary

a small piece of fabric, a beautiful bead to match the fabric, scissors, a needle and thread


Step 1

To begin with, it is worth choosing the fabric from which the roses will be made. It can be organza, velvet, real or artificial silk, and even lightweight denim.

Step 2

It is necessary to make a sketch of the future rose and count the desired number of petals. For more accurate and accurate work, you need to cut out a square from cardboard or thick paper, along which the blanks will be cut out. It should be borne in mind that a fairly large square will result in a medium-sized petal, so it is worth practicing on unnecessary scraps of fabric.

Step 3

Cut out the required number of blanks according to the template. Take the prepared square from the fabric in your hands and fold it diagonally, and fold the resulting triangle again with sharp tops to each other. You should get a right-angled triangle, the longest side of which (hypotenuse) needs to be tied on a thread by hand, and then the edges (sharp corners of the already former triangle) should be joined together and sewn. You will get a rose petal.

Step 4

Make the desired number of such petals and sew them alternately with an overlap, superimposing the petals one on top of the other in a spiral. In the middle of the resulting fabric rose, you need to sew a beautiful bead or button in order to hide the place where the petals are sewn. This is one of the easiest ways from a large list of those that teach how to make fabric roses. With such handmade jewelry, any outfit turns into an exclusive one.

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