Tigran Keosayan's Wives: Photo

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Tigran Keosayan's Wives: Photo
Tigran Keosayan's Wives: Photo

Video: Tigran Keosayan's Wives: Photo

Video: Tigran Keosayan's Wives: Photo
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Tigran Keosayan is known to the general public as a talented actor and director. He also works a lot and successfully in television. In addition to his creative activities, fans are interested in Keosayan's personal life. The director is now in a second marriage, but his first and second darlings are beautiful and interesting women.

Tigran Keosayan's wives: photo
Tigran Keosayan's wives: photo

Alena Khmelnitskaya

The first official wife of Tigran Keosayan was actress Alena Khmelnitskaya. The girl was born into a creative family of ballet workers.

They met in 1992 at the Lenkom Theater. By that time, the young director already had the film “Katka and Shiz” in his “creative piggy bank”.

Keosayan was looking for an actress to shoot in a commercial and offered Alena to work with him. Khmelnitskaya agreed and soon their cooperation grew into a passionate romance.

The couple began to live together in an apartment on Smolenka, and in 1993 they officially registered the relationship. Due to pregnancy, Alena was forced to leave the theater. She became the director of a fashion store, which had a beneficial effect on the family's financial situation.


In 1994, the couple had a daughter, Alexander, after which Alena and Tigran began their careers. They not only lived, but also worked a lot together in film and television. Khmelnitskaya played the main roles in the films of her husband-director, most often they were images of strong and bitchy women.

Alyona Khmelnitskaya was widely known and loved by the audience for the role of Leoncia Solano in the film "Hearts of Three" directed by Vladimir Popkov, based on the novel by Jack London. The partners of the actress were everyone's favorite "midshipmen": Sergei Zhigunov, Vladimir Shevelkov and Dmitry Kharatyan.

Among the successful joint works of the married couple: the film "Silver Lily of the Valley", "The President and His Granddaughter", "Hare over the Abyss".

On television, the couple hosted the talk show "You and Me" together.

For a long time, the couple was considered one of the strongest in the show business environment. However, 2009 was a turning point for the spouses. The first alarming "bell" was the scandalous confession of Nikita Dzhigurda about an old romance with Khmelnitskaya during their joint work in one picture.

There was a discord in the family, Keosayan was very upset by this sudden revelation from Dzhigurda. To seal the marriage and improve relations, Alena decided to have her second child. Unfortunately, this did not help save the marriage. The couple broke up quietly, without scandals and public division of property.


In 2013, Keosayan officially filed for divorce, but for a while refrained from any comments about his personal life. In an official marriage, the couple lived for more than 20 years.

In various interviews, Khmelnitskaya often said that after parting with Keosayan, they began to treat each other even better. In addition, former spouses are tied by common children. Alena does not interfere with the communication of daughters with dad, so girls often visit Tigran.

Khmelnitskaya, after the divorce, continues to engage in acting. Keosayan implements his various projects, both in film and television.

Now Alena is in a relationship with businessman Alexander Sinyushin.


After parting, the couple maintained an even and warm relationship. What is remarkable, they not only communicate, but even meet with families, already with new spouses.

Margarita Simonyan

The second wife of Tigran Keosayan was the journalist and editor-in-chief of the Russia Today TV channel Margarita Simonyan.

Margarita comes from Krasnodar from an ordinary and very poor family. From childhood, the girl was stubborn and hardworking, studied well, had a penchant for learning foreign languages.

In the 9th grade, Margarita was sent to the United States in New Hampshire under the exchange program for her academic success.

Simonyan graduated from the Kuban State University (Faculty of Journalism), the school of Vladimir Pozner and television "Internews".

She began her career as a correspondent for the Krasnodar television and radio company. In 2000, she received the Professional Courage Award for a series of reports from the military in Chechnya.

After that, her career quickly "went up". Margarita worked as a correspondent for the All-Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company in Rostov-on-Don. In 2002 she moved to Moscow and became a correspondent for Vesti.

In September 2004, she traveled to Beslan to cover the hostage-taking at the school.

Later, Margarita took part in the "Direct Line with Vladimir Putin" teleconference.

She is now the editor-in-chief of the Russia Today TV channel. In 2012 she was included in the list of the 100 most influential women in Russia.

In 2017, Simonyan was included by Forbes in the list of “100 most influential women in the world”.


Since 2012, Margarita Simonyan began to appear in a company with Tigran Keosayan. At first, they were opening a joint restaurant "Hot!", Then Tigran officially filed for divorce from Khmelnitskaya, and the couple began to meet. The initiator of the love relationship was Tigran, it was he who openly supported Margarita when she had serious problems at work.

Tigran is 14 years older than his beloved. The couple lives in a civil marriage, they have two children. In 2013, Tigran and Margarita had a daughter, Maryana, and in 2014, a son, Bagrat, was born.

Tigran Keosayan today

Margarita and Tigran happily live in a civil marriage, raise children and sometimes work together. For example, in Keosayan's film Three Comrades, Margarita played a cameo role. She is also the author and co-author of some of his projects.

Together they worked on the creation of three TV series and made several films. Remarkably, the psychological thriller "Actress" is the fruit of the joint efforts of Keosayan, Simonyan and Alena Khmelnitskaya. Margarita personally wrote the script, Tigran directed, and Alena played one of the main female roles.

The spouses love to receive guests. On Sundays, they have large feasts for friends and family. Mothers and an au pair help Margarita to prepare a table of fifteen courses.

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