How To Write A Good Song

How To Write A Good Song
How To Write A Good Song

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Anyone who loves and appreciates music dreams of contributing to it someday. And it is very important that this contribution is truly valuable. Nevertheless, writing a good song is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance.

How to write a good song
How to write a good song

It is necessary

  • notebook (notebook),
  • a pen,
  • musical recordings,
  • collections of poems,
  • musical instrument,
  • Dictaphone


Step 1

First, decide what style of music you would like to write the song in. Listen to several songs for the selected style. Select the topic that interests you. For example, the theme of love, the theme of the road.

Step 2

Depending on the theme of the song, you need to visit the place with which you associate with the future composition, or create the appropriate conditions. This may well inspire you to create a song. So you can visit the village, stroll through the streets of the city in the late evening, go on an excursion to historical sites.

Step 3

Read more poems. It develops a sense of rhythm and rhyme. It is advisable to take domestic authors for reading. In addition, you can create a song based on a poem by a Russian classic.

Step 4

Go to a concert of performers who work in your chosen musical style. Better for a few concerts.

Step 5

Pick and memorize a musical tune and hum it to yourself from time to time. This will create the rhythm you want for your song.

Step 6

Buy a beautiful notebook (notebook) in which you will enjoy writing your new song.

Step 7

Under the chosen motive, try to hum words that are beautiful in your opinion, gradually they themselves will form a song.

Step 8

Try to put the main meaning of the song in frequently repeated lines. This will make it deeper and more philosophical, and will also help you get your message across to the listener faster. If you want to write a simple and easy song, pay attention to the simplest and most primitive rhymes.

Step 9

Put the song you have written to music. Play and sing the song a couple of times, then record it on the recorder and listen to it. If you like the song, improve the sound. If not, edit.

Step 10

Do not forget that you can always ask for advice from one of the familiar poets, bards, music lovers. They will tell you what needs to be improved and how.

Step 11

Don't be offended by criticism. The one who criticizes is probably just jealous of you!

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