How To Play Russian Checkers

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How To Play Russian Checkers
How To Play Russian Checkers

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Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных

For all its seeming simplicity, checkers is an interesting intellectual game that is rightfully considered the predecessor of chess. The prototype of the checkerboard was found during excavations in Ancient Egypt. In Russia, checkers have also been played for a long time, since the 15th century. They were called tavlei. In modern Russia, checkers are shown more respect. It is rightfully believed that they develop memory and logical thinking in children and adults. Since 1985, world drafts championships have been held, where drafts players of different ages play.

How to play Russian checkers
How to play Russian checkers


Step 1

Two players play checkers. The subject of the game is a playing field of 64 black and white cells, and 24 round flat circles, white and black, - checkers. The goal of the game is to capture the largest number of opponent's checkers and go through the entire checkerboard. The rules of the game of checkers are quite simple. Each player is given 12 checkers, which he places first on the lower black rows. Checkers move only along black squares diagonally forward. Each turn is one movement. The moves are made in turn. Having touched the checker with his hand, the player must make a move with it. Always the one with white checkers starts the game.

Step 2

If an opponent's checker is encountered on the way on an adjacent cell and then there is an empty cell, the player must hit or take the checker, i.e. rearrange your checker diagonally over the checker of the opposite color and remove the taken checker from the board. It is also possible to capture several checkers, in front or behind. You cannot jump over your checkers.

Step 3

Checkers that have passed the entire playing field and reached the last row of the opposite side turn into kings. They are designated as a "double" checker, placing a checker on a checker. The queens have great rights and can move back and forth, beat the opponent's checkers one or more at a time, if such a game situation presents itself. The winner is the player who removes all the opponent's checkers from the checker field or forces him to surrender.

Step 4

In drafts competitions, records are usually kept, as well as in chess championships. Checkers games are written using checker notations, special designations of the board fields. So the horizontal rows are numbered from 1 to 8, and the vertical rows are alphabetic, and are denoted by the first small letters of the Latin alphabet. The first cell 1a is considered to be the leftmost cell from the side of the player with white checkers.

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