How To Create Mini Images

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How To Create Mini Images
How To Create Mini Images

Video: How To Create Mini Images

Video: How To Create Mini Images
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What girl doesn't like trying on different clothes and coming up with new combinations? Is that very lazy. But with the development of the Internet, the latter have no excuses - after all, now, in order to create a fashionable, bright and beautiful image, it is not even necessary to leave the house. You can pick up clothes of any brands and accessories from them without leaving the table. How do you create mini-images?

How to create mini images
How to create mini images


Step 1

Such images - or collages with a selection of clothes and accessories are called sets. They are mainly used on fashion websites or fashion blogs. Talking about a new trend, the author, in order not to be unfounded, attaches a set to his message - and the whole theory about a new trend becomes much clearer and clearer. However, users liked the creation of sets so much that now there are sites where you can simply expose your set to universal criticism.

Step 2

To create your own set, go to the dedicated site. You can create mini images on (this is the largest site of its kind), Choose the one that suits you best

Step 3

Go to the site, click on the "Create set" button. You will be taken to a virtual workshop. Here you can choose a background for your set, pick up clothes, accessories, shoes and some related items that fit the general style of the set.

Step 4

First, think about what style you want to work in. Remember right away - from the variety of things, you will simply be dazzled in your eyes, you will want to try all the options. But it's better to stick to the original idea, otherwise you will just end up with a set of things that do not fit together.

Step 5

Find items of clothing in the menu. Trousers, skirts, outerwear, blouses, tops … Most often this menu is in English, and if you are not good at it, use the help of an online translator. Also, on some sites for search, you can enter the color (approximate) of the thing you are looking for. You can also choose a price range, but if you are not going to purchase this kit, you should not limit yourself.

Step 6

The sets suggest several options for clothing. And if, for example, with some trousers you see several options for blouses, feel free to add them all. Just consider the proportions - you customize the size of things yourself. But in smaller details, the proportions, on the contrary, should be forgotten. After all, no one will see life-size earrings or rings.