How To Develop The Gift Of Clairvoyance

How To Develop The Gift Of Clairvoyance
How To Develop The Gift Of Clairvoyance

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Unfortunately, in our time there are few real soothsayers, many pretend to be clairvoyants for the purpose of material gain. Therefore, at least from a practical point of view, it would be great if people themselves developed their abilities - for example, clairvoyance. In this article, we'll look at several ways to develop your sixth sense.

How to develop thet of clairvoyance
How to develop thet of clairvoyance


Step 1

Let's start with a method called “eye work”. To do this, choose a convenient place for yourself where no one will bother you. To ensure that nothing distracts you from the process, turn off your phone and other distractions. Turn off the lights in the room or create dim lighting. Now lie down on the bed or sit in your favorite chair, whichever is more comfortable for you, and then close your eyes. With your eyes closed, try to look them up as much as possible, then down in the same way. This exercise should be performed 15-20 times without much stress. Now we do the same to the left and right.

Step 2

Next, we outline a circle with our eyes, rotating the eyeballs clockwise, and then against it. Now we look straight ahead; then to the center - to the middle of your head; and in conclusion - we look back. After completing all these actions, you need to be with your eyes closed for some time, to feel your whole body. These exercises are best done early in the morning. Thanks to their correct execution, your brain region in the "third eye" region receives an excellent massage, which is necessary for the development of clairvoyance. Of course, these exercises need to be constantly, or at least periodically, in order to develop your "third eye".

Step 3

Now let's move on to the method of developing the gift of clairvoyance with the help of photography. You will need a photograph of someone you know. Place the photo on the table in front of you and start looking at the person in detail. Close your eyes from time to time and visually recreate his image, and the more detailed it is, the better. All this should be done without straining, in a relaxed state. Then find a comfortable position and, leaning back, close your eyes. Ask yourself a question about this person that you would like an answer to. Then listen to your inner voice (inner vision), what it tells you. You need to perform the exercise for several days, giving it about half an hour of time. After that, you need to meet with this person and talk to him about the latest events during this time. Compare your answers with the events that your friend will tell you about.

Step 4

The next method is called "through clairvoyance." Its history goes back several centuries, and with its help it was possible to "see" the secrets hidden from our physical sight. For example, find out what was inside any objects. To do this exercise, you need to sit in a chair. In addition, you need to have a wall in front of you at arm's length that you will be looking at. Relax and focus your attention on a point slightly above your eye level. This is the area where the "third eye" is located. You need to watch without blinking for about 20 minutes. Next, look at the wall with a completely defocused gaze, as if you see it blurry. Look at her for 20 minutes. And then you need to "see" the same point, but only behind the wall, as if through and through. This also takes 20 minutes. This exercise should be done every day.

Step 5

Mastering the exercises for the development of clairvoyance expands your consciousness and helps you easily find non-standard ways out of problem situations.

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