How To Knit A Boilie

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How To Knit A Boilie
How To Knit A Boilie

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Boyle is a newfangled snap bait. In Western countries, this type of bait is the most common today. It has shown itself to be especially effective when fishing for barbel, carp, trout, and also some other types of fish.

How to knit a boilie
How to knit a boilie

It is necessary

  • - hook;
  • - fishing line;
  • - sinker;
  • - boilie;
  • - a needle.


Step 1

Pay attention to the hook. It is better to use a dark forged hook, which has a small ring and a short forend. In terms of size, it is preferable to use # 7 or # 8, for which boilies with a diameter of 17 cm are suitable.

Step 2

Take the line. Better to use wicker. This line will be the most durable, although it costs much more than usual. Make the leash shorter, in this case the risk of overlapping it with the main line will be much lower. The optimal ones can be called fishing lines with a length of 10 to 15 cm.However, if you plan to hunt carp, then due to his extreme caution, a fishing line with a length of up to 40 cm is more suitable.

Step 3

Pay attention to the lead, which plays just as important a role in the rig as anything else. Use a lead ball weighing no less than 50 grams. For a heavier lead, you will need a much more powerful rod.

Step 4

Now attach the boilie to the hook. It's important to do it right. Use a special needle to pierce the bait. You can't just put the boilie on the hook, in this case the fish will certainly get rid of it by spitting it out. That is, remember that the hook must be left free.

Step 5

Secure the boilie at the very end of your thin line. For this, use the part of the line that remains from the leash tied to the hook. Now your task is to ensure that the hair can go down from the very middle of the hook. For this purpose, use a small, dense cambric on the fore-end. Such an installation is optimal in order to hook the fish.

Step 6

In order to accurately calculate the required hair length, use the following calculations. For a boilie of 8 mm, the length of the hair should not exceed 2 cm, and if the diameter of the boilie reaches 16 mm, the length of the hair should be 4 cm. It is best to use the thinnest hair, but remember that you will have to prepare a separate additional attachment for it.

Step 7

Use a special needle to put the boilie on the hook. After the needle has passed through the boilie, detach it and make a small, strong loop at the very tip of the hair. This is necessary for a good stopper.

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