How To Write Your Biography

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How To Write Your Biography
How To Write Your Biography

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The need to write your own biography most often arises when applying for a new job. As a rule, for this they offer to fill out a special form, or they ask to issue an autobiography in free form.

How to write your biography
How to write your biography


Step 1

In order to correctly design a biography in a free style, you need to know what points it should consist of.

Step 2

The description of your biography must begin with the date and place of your own birth.

Step 3

Then the information about the parents is indicated: names, dates of birth, place of work. If you live separately from your parents, it is advisable to indicate where they live at the moment. If you have brothers or sisters, be sure to mention them (name, social status or place of work).

Step 4

Next, we turn to information about education. It is customary to start from school, it is advisable to mention the circles and sections that you attended. You can also talk about your achievements in olympiads and competitions.

Step 5

After school, you should talk about the educational institution you graduated from. Do not forget to indicate your specialty and profession. If you have actively participated in student life, then it will not be superfluous to talk about this.

Step 6

For men, military service is a separate item. As a rule, years of service, place of service and rank are indicated here.

Step 7

The following is a description of the career. You need to start it with the very first company in which you got a job. Be sure to include positions, your professional responsibilities, your career achievements. If during the period of work your work was especially noted, mention this as well.

Step 8

You need to finish your biography with information about your family. In addition to the names of the wife / husband and children, do not forget to indicate their profession or social status, as well as their age.

Step 9

Remember that an autobiography differs from a resume in a freer and more complete style of presentation, therefore it can be written more creatively. You have the right not to report illegitimate children, convictions and other questionable facts of your biography. It should also be remembered that the information in the biography must be reliable, as it can be verified.

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