How To Determine Your Zodiac Sign

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How To Determine Your Zodiac Sign
How To Determine Your Zodiac Sign

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Video: How To Determine Your Zodiac Sign
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A zodiac sign is a constellation zodiac sign that had the sun on the day and hour of your birth. There are 12 of these signs (twelve 30-degree sectors of the great circle of the celestial sphere, along which the sun moves). Each sign belongs to one of 4 elements - water, fire, earth and air. Knowing your zodiac sign means being able to draw up a horoscope. In this way, you will help yourself in friendship, love, business and other important areas of life.

How to determine your zodiac sign
How to determine your zodiac sign

It is necessary

time, place, day, month and year of your birth


Step 1

Find out your date of birth. You can also specify the time and place of your birth.

Step 2

Take a list of zodiac signs and settle on one corresponding to the constellation in which the sun was at the time of your birth. To do this, select the period of time in which you came into this world, and see what sign of the zodiac it corresponds to.

Aries (♈) - March 21 - April 20;

Taurus (♉) - April 21 - May 21

Gemini (♊) - May 22 - June 21

Cancer (♋) - June 22 - July 22;

Leo (♌) - July 23 - August 23;

Virgo (♍) - August 24 - September 23

Libra (♎) - September 24 - October 23;

Scorpio (♏) - October 24 - November 22;

Sagittarius (♐) - November 23 - December 21;

Capricorn (♑) - December 22 - January 20

Aquarius (♒) - January 21 - February 19;

Pisces (♓) - February 20 - March 20.

Step 3

Determining your zodiac sign is not difficult. Since the entry of the sun into each sign approximately corresponds to certain days of the calendar that we use today - the Gregorian. It is enough to know the date and month of your birth. But if you want to draw up a personal horoscope, then in addition to the date, you will need the time of your birth with an accuracy of 1 hour and the calculation of the exact position of the sun in the zodiac at that moment (sometimes the place of birth is also required). For this, astronomical formulas for calculating the position of the sun should be used. Here you should contact a professional astrologer well-versed in astronomy, or resort to the help of special computer programs. They will carry out the necessary calculations, it is enough just to drive in the date, place and time of birth. Programs can be found on the Internet.