What Are The Dimensions Of A Standard Football Field

What Are The Dimensions Of A Standard Football Field
What Are The Dimensions Of A Standard Football Field

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The football field is rectangular. The size of a football pitch does not have clear boundaries, but its width and length cannot go beyond the established framework. These restrictions apply only to official competitions.

What are the dimensions of a standard football field
What are the dimensions of a standard football field

Football field dimensions

For domestic competitions held under the auspices of the International Football Federation FIFA, the minimum field length is 90 meters or 100 yards, the maximum is 120 meters or 130 yards, the width of the field must not be less than 45 meters or 50 yards, and not exceed 90 meters or 100 yards. …

For international matches, the rules are a little stricter. The length of the field should be within the range of 100-110 meters or 110-120 yards, and the width should be within the range of 64-75 meters or 70-80 yards.

There are recommended values, which, however, are conditional. According to them, the length is 150 meters and the width is 68 meters.

Why do teams use different field sizes?

The use of different field sizes by different teams is not accidental. In football, tactics are of paramount importance. The width and length of a football field seriously affects it. Teams that prefer long positional attacks find it easier to play on wide fields. An extra few meters gives players extra space that can be used to create free zones.

Narrow pitches prefer counterattacking teams. It is much easier to defend on such fields. The zones are much narrower, and it is more difficult to get through them for the players of the attacking teams.

Long margins are handy for teams that like to use vertical gears. In this way, you can throw the ball from your goal to strangers into the free zones behind the backs of the defenders.

The dimensions of the inner lines of the field

In addition to length and width, there are inner areas of the field that have clear standards. The field is divided into two equal parts, which are mirrored. The radius of the central circle is 9, 15 meters.

There is a goalkeeper's area opposite the goal. Its sidelines are 5, 5 meters or 6 yards from the inside of the goal posts. At a distance of 5.5 meters, they connect to a line that runs parallel to the edge of the field. The goalkeeper must not be pushed in this area. In addition, it serves to orient the goalkeeper on the field, always with his back to the goal.

A penalty area is marked on each half of the field - a zone in which the goalkeeper is allowed to play with his hands, and violation of the rules by the defending team is punishable by a penalty. Its sides are 16.5 meters or 18 yards from the inner sides of each of the posts, parallel to the goal line. These sides are connected to a perpendicular line in the field at a distance of 16.5 meters, forming a rectangle.

In addition, there is an 11-meter mark in the penalty area from which penalties are taken. It is located 11 meters center from the goal line. According to football rules, players should not approach the ball more than 9, 15 meters. Therefore, outside the penalty area, an arc is drawn with such a radius, the center of which is at the 11-meter mark.

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