How To Blow Up Tanks In Crysis

How To Blow Up Tanks In Crysis
How To Blow Up Tanks In Crysis

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Crysis is a popular shooter with beautiful graphics in which the player fights against alien invaders and Korean troops on the island. Korean troops use cars, tanks and other vehicles in battle, and certain tactics are required to blow them up.

How to blow up tanks in Crysis
How to blow up tanks in Crysis


Step 1

Use the functions of your protective suit. Hold down the special key (by default - the mouse wheel) and select the appropriate combat mode. Depending on the tactics of the battle, you can focus the energy of the suit on the armor, and this will help you get closer to enemy vehicles without dying from the first shot. You can turn on super-strength and jump on the roof of the tank to become unattainable and plant explosives. Also, you can simply run away from the tank by turning on high movement speed, or crawl past in stealth mode.

Step 2

Choose a suitable place to fight. In order not to die under fire, do not stand in houses and huts: from a shot, their walls can collapse and cover you, which will also lead to the death of the hero. Also, enemy soldiers are often found in the premises, which distract from the main task and interfere with the battle. Choose rock cover or hide behind trees in the forest, making sure you are at a safe distance from vehicles.

Step 3

Look around for ammunition. Usually, there are boxes with a rocket launcher, grenades and other weapons near the attacking tanks. Depending on the difficulty level, 2-5 accurate shots from the rocket launcher at the tank should be enough to detonate it. You can also try to get closer to the vehicle by placing explosives on it or throwing a few grenades under the tracks.

Step 4

Find a stationary machine gun. Approach it and press the "Action" key. Fire bursts from a machine gun will help to quickly blow up an enemy tank. The fact that this will happen soon can be recognized by the black smoke coming from him.

Step 5

Take on enemy vehicles: car, boat or tank. The latter is most effective against the same heavy equipment. Direct fire at the enemy, trying to dodge his shots.

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