How To Learn Beatboxing

How To Learn Beatboxing
How To Learn Beatboxing

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Everyone can learn beatboxing - the art of creating beats, melodies, rhythms, sounds of various instruments through their own mouth. If you decide to take up this art, but have no idea where to start, start learning the basic principles of this musical direction.

How to learn beatboxing
How to learn beatboxing


Step 1

No investment is needed to practice beatboxing: the person himself is the instrument. And this is a huge plus of this direction. Indeed, in fact, your new hobby does not require any expenses.

Step 2

First, learn how to play the three main sounds that form the basis of beatboxing: the classic kick, hi-hat, and snare drum. Kick is the letter "B", said not with a voice, but with one lips. The sound "hat" means the spoken letter "C" or "T". They should be pronounced softly and briefly. This type is the easiest to reproduce. Snair is relatively more difficult than hat, but it is still possible to learn. Try to say the word "POOFF" with your lips without using your voice.

Step 3

When you have individual sounds, try to combine them into beats. The combination of kick, hat and snare can be different. It's okay if at first you don't succeed. Use a metronome to keep your rhythm steady.

Step 4

It won't work if you don't breathe correctly. So you need to train breathing for a long time and persistently, because the fact is that it is very rare in beatboxing. Therefore, it is better to give up bad habits and start playing sports, otherwise there is a risk of out of breath while performing beats.

Step 5

Learn beatboxing from the pros. Beatboxing gurus will show you how to pronounce sounds correctly and combine beats. Watch the performances of the best performers and try to repeat after them. Listen, delve into, study. Gradually, you will learn to play short and easy beats first. Then you can already compose your own "music".

Step 6

In order to develop your abilities, try to turn popular songs into beats. When you succeed in imitating someone's composition, you can try to make a variation or change something in the original, for example, rhythm or intonation. This will create a completely new song that will push the boundaries of your creativity.

Step 7

Practice is the main teacher. Constantly hone your skills, try to make new sounds, come up with your own "songs". Do not be afraid to mix different intonations, try to fantasize, include sounds of nature, birds, animals in your works and bring your beats to perfection. This is the only way to achieve good results.

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