How To Sell A Book To An Author

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How To Sell A Book To An Author
How To Sell A Book To An Author

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Some publishers offer aspiring authors royalties in the form of a certain number of published books. The author has to sell the "premium" edition on his own, but this requires the appropriate skills. Instead of trying to negotiate with retail stores about taking goods for sale, you can sell books to readers over the Internet.

How to sell a book to an author
How to sell a book to an author


Step 1

Create a thematic blog. A center of communication with future readers will be formed here. Write notes on the issues covered in the book. Submit your opinions on similar works by other authors - in the form of small reviews. Please be patient until you have a loyal readership.

Step 2

Collect blog visitors to your newsletter. Create a small report or an electronic report and offer it in exchange for a subscription. It is even better to record audio or video, then you can offer a training mini-course - this sounds more solid than a report.

Step 3

Make a series of mentions of the book in your mailing list. Do not advertise: insert funny or educational materials into the episodes and in the meantime tell that when you wrote the book, you collected and analyzed a lot of material, etc. Gradually, people will get used to the fact that they are dealing with a writer. This will create trust, which will give readers a sense of security in future payments for the book. At the same time, carry out such work on the blog so that new site visitors subscribe to the newsletter.

Step 4

Collect pre-orders. Let your subscribers know that you are planning a book sale soon. Promise a discount to those on the early list of buyers. Create a separate mailing list for him. So you will see if you managed to awaken interest in people and how many people are willing to pay.

Step 5

Have a day of sales. Don't advertise your book on the main mailing list to prevent people from unsubscribing for unnecessary advertising. Send all messages only to the mailing list with an early list of clients. Two or three days before the start, remind those who wish that the day of sales is approaching. In the day before, let us know again that only on this day you can get the promised discount. On sales day, write in the morning and evening, because some people tend to think to the last. They need an additional reminder, after which they also pay for the goods.

Step 6

In case of successful sales, please report it in the main mailing list. Give a specific number - how many people have already purchased the book - and give people the opportunity to place an order on a specific day, but without any discounts. Let your followers know you keep your word. Next time, it will force them to act without delay.

Step 7

Ask people to submit video reviews of the book. Create a separate sales site that contains testimonials and a list of the benefits of buying the book. You can direct the flow of people to this page using contextual advertising. Not everyone will be ordering right away, so give them the opportunity to subscribe to the newsletter. Repeat Subscriber Sales periodically.

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