How To Independently Master Tarot Divination

How To Independently Master Tarot Divination
How To Independently Master Tarot Divination

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Fortune telling is quite popular. Someone wants to know the near future, and someone wants to understand themselves or the attitude of the people around them. Learning to work with the Tarot is not so difficult, but also not so easy. Here, as in any field, you need interest, spending time on mastering and studying maps and methods of interpretation.

How to independently master tarot divination
How to independently master tarot divination

It is necessary

  • - tarot cards
  • - tutorial


Step 1

Decide why you need to master the tarot cards and whether you are really willing to spend time and effort on it. Sometimes people perceive divination in an idealized way and believe that they can find out anything in two minutes. In fact, it is usually possible to glimpse only into the near future, and the easiest way is to deal with the present. Besides, there is no absolute accuracy - only hints.

Step 2

Get a tarot deck, at the initial stage, preferably one of the classic ones. There is more literature on the classics, and it will be easier to deal with non-standard decks later, having a base. Choosing a non-standard deck without experience can simply get confused.

Step 3

Find a good self-study guide. Read reviews of the books first, because There is a lot of literature on this topic, but a lot of useless, especially for a beginner. In a self-study guide, the basics of working with cards should be given, as well as a fairly complete description of the Senior and Minor Arcana. It makes no sense to immediately purchase books with layouts, tk. at first, one or two layouts are enough. You can get them on the Internet. Or you can just lay out three cards.

Step 4

Learn the basics - the characteristics of the four suits, Major and Minor Arcana, court cards, the symbols of your classic deck. Try to start practicing by pulling out a card for the day in the morning, and analyze events in the evening. Make small layouts of three cards.

Step 5

Take precautions. Use candles during divination to purify space and protect. Do not ask the same thing twice - this way you can influence the situation, and not necessarily in your favor. Do not make the sessions long so as not to get tired - avoid wasting energy. Do not lay out the cards if you are sick or unwell.

Step 6

Do not spray. Often, beginning tarot readers are so passionate that they want to buy up all the beautiful decks, and there are a lot of them today. As a result, a person begins to collect cards, while not having time to use all of them. Or, not having dealt with one deck, he begins to study another. As a result, little progress. Of course, you can have one or two additional decks if you already have a good understanding of the main one.

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