How To Draw A House For A Child

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How To Draw A House For A Child
How To Draw A House For A Child

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Drawing a house for a child is a pleasure. If you turn on your imagination at full power and arm yourself with paper, felt-tip pens, colored pencils, paints, then the house can turn out to be great. How to draw a house for a child?

How to draw a house for a child
How to draw a house for a child

It is necessary

soft pencil, eraser, A4 sheet, paints, colored pencils


Step 1

Start drawing with general lines. In the first stage, you put into the drawing what you want to see at the end. Determine the area of ​​your house, the number of floors. You decide the size issue yourself.

Step 2

Draw in the details of the construction. It all depends on your choice: whether you are drawing a small house or a stone castle. It is necessary to point out such little things. It is better not to circle small buildings. The stone giant should look massive and be distinguished by the inaccessibility of walls.

Step 3

Draw a triangle for the roof. You can draw shingles on the roof. And draw the base of the house in the form of a rectangular shape. Don't forget to draw the window. The number of windows depends on the number of floors of the house, on its size. You can draw flower pots on the windowsills. And what house would do without a pipe? Don't forget to draw her too. If you are drawing a fairy house, then it can be depicted as a huge pumpkin or pyramid.

Step 4

Decorate the house. You can paint various patterns on its walls. Unleash your imagination.

Step 5

Draw a door. This is one of the main elements of the house. You can draw a canopy over the door. From the side of the door, a porch is usually drawn. Choose the number of steps yourself, it depends on the size of your depicted house. If your house is multi-storey, then painted spiral staircases will look beautiful. In addition, if you draw a magic castle, then around it you can draw flying dragons, medieval knights. Depict a beautiful princess in the castle window.

Step 6

Picture outbuildings, a beautiful fence. You can draw a colorful cockerel on it. Draw trees and flowers around the house. Near the house, you can depict grazing animals: a cow, piglets, a horse. Draw the sky, sun and, if desired, clouds.

Step 7

Color your drawing. Rate your drawing. If it succeeds, then you can hang it on the wall and admire your work. And the child will be happy with you.

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