Why Did The Black Cat Come To The House

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Why Did The Black Cat Come To The House
Why Did The Black Cat Come To The House

Video: Why Did The Black Cat Come To The House

Video: Why Did The Black Cat Come To The House
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People have always believed in the omens associated with cats. Even in ancient times, various rituals were carried out with the help of cats. It was the black cat that symbolized good luck or trouble.

Why did the black cat come to the house
Why did the black cat come to the house

Cats have long been considered magical animals. Various signs with a black cat are perceived by people in the present tense. A cat's behavior can predict changes in the weather and the health of its owner. The color of the cat also matters. Black cats have a particular influence on humans.

Good omens

Mystical cat - this is what it is customary to call these animals with a black coat. People have always been wary of black cats. Some believed that black only brings trouble, others thought that happiness comes to the house with a black cat.

Psychologists have proven that what a person will believe in will happen to him.

If a black cat comes into the house, it portends family well-being and good luck in all endeavors. It has long been believed that a cat that comes into the house should not be driven out into the street. A cat brings joy and happiness to the house, driving it out, a person deprives himself of this.

If the cat visited the newlyweds' house, then soon it is worth waiting for an addition in this family.

Many owners of black cats believe that their pets have a healing effect. They lie on sore spots, thereby facilitating the course of the disease. If the cat lies near the patient, then it "takes away" the disease.

Bad omens

The most common omen is if a black cat crossed the path of a person. In this situation, it is generally accepted that nothing good will happen on this day. Lovers of black cats came up with a conspiracy for this case, which removed all the negative: "Black cat - to the happy path."

It is believed that if a black cat lies under the bed or at the feet of a sick person, then soon you can expect death in this house.

Experts have proven that the cat feels the impending death. A specific smell emanates from such people, which is captured by animals. In European countries, hospices specifically give birth to a cat that “predicts” the outcome of the disease.

It is believed that a black cat will not live in a house with poor energy. In families where they constantly quarrel and sort things out, the cat will often get sick, and if possible, she will leave this house.

If a black cat came into a house, but after a while left it, then it is believed that she took trouble away from this house. You should not forcibly keep such a cat in the house, because she needs to help other people.