How To Become A Fairy In A Second At Home

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How To Become A Fairy In A Second At Home
How To Become A Fairy In A Second At Home

Video: How To Become A Fairy In A Second At Home

Video: How To Become A Fairy In A Second At Home
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In childhood, everyone heard fairy tales and legends about extraordinary and powerful creatures - fairies. Almost all girls dreamed of becoming one of the sorceresses who knew how to control the forces of nature, read magic spells, and make wishes come true. In fact, those who still believe in them and are confident in their abilities can still become a fairy at home, while only one second is enough for the transformation.

How to become a fairy in a second at home
How to become a fairy in a second at home


Step 1

To become a fairy in a second, you need to carefully prepare in advance. Magical powers do not appear in people immediately, this may take months and years of training. Therefore, if you want to become a sorceress, tune in to long and patient work.

Step 2

Many of those who want to turn into a fairy at home give up this activity halfway through, without achieving desire, because they stop believing in success. Trust in your own strength and that you can learn magic.

Step 3

If you suddenly began to doubt that you are capable of becoming a fairy in a second, think about those real people with superpowers that you heard about. For example, about Vanga and Nostradamus, who predict the future, psychics who can read minds, find various objects and see through walls.

Step 4

Since fairies are not omnipotent, but can control only one element, have only one gift, then it must be revealed in oneself. Even after long exercise, having learned to become a fairy, you may not immediately notice that you have become the owner of special power. Therefore, periodically try to show different abilities in yourself.

Step 5

Make yourself a fairy talisman so that when you develop superpowers you can transform in one second, just by touching it. It is desirable that it consists of several parts. The first part is something very dear, reminiscent of home, so that you can always easily become a human being. The second part is something green, because, as English myths say, this is the favorite color of all sorceresses.

Step 6

Add the energy of the earth to the talisman. It should be a lonely flower growing. It is important that the distance from it to other flowering plants is at least fifty meters. Finding him is quite difficult, but without him it will be impossible to become a fairy.

Step 7

Prepare items representing the energy of water and fire. Collect

water from seven reservoirs (rivers, lakes or seas), mix it in a glass, put it on the window at night so that the full disk of the moon is reflected in the water. Light a match and simmer in a glass. In the morning, collect some water in a vial and save it, pour the rest at the intersection of three roads.

Step 8

Find the item representing the energy of the air. It should be a bird's feather. Tie all the collected objects together and read a spell over them in Latin: "Ego filo quatuor industria iungere" (ego filo quatro industry inerge), which in Latin means: "I take a thread, four energies, I unite." Keep the talisman that helps you become a fairy in a second, always with you.

Step 9

Keep with you something that you can give to the inhabitants of the magical worlds before becoming a fairy at home. It can be sweets, beads, a ring and other cute and pleasant little things.

Step 10

In case of meeting with evil fairies, you can add something metallic to your talisman. A cross, water collected from seven rivers and seven lakes, clothes turned inside out will also help scare them away. It is better, of course, not to meet such creatures on your way, but even if you find yourself next to them without protective objects, you should not be afraid of them (otherwise they will feel it), you need to look them directly in the eyes, showing that you are stronger.

Step 11

To develop, and also not to lose your gift of becoming a fairy at home in one second, pay back all your debts, fulfill all the promises you make to yourself and people. The one who gave his word and did not keep it, as well as the one who has obligations to another person, will not be able to turn into a sorceress.

Step 12

Do good deeds more often, do good deeds. This will help the energy body of the fairy inside you become stronger.

Step 13

Learn a spell that will help you become a fairy at home in a second. To perform the ritual, hold the talisman in your hand, close your eyes and read in Latin: “Non sum vir fortis ego sum, ego sum Fortissimus” (non sum vir fortis ego sum, ego summ fortissimus), which means “I am not a person, I am strong, I am omnipotent. To transform from a fairy back to a human, touch the talisman and think about the house.

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