How To Grab A Salt Royal

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How To Grab A Salt Royal
How To Grab A Salt Royal

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The Soleil Royal is a unique ship found in the computer games Corsairs: The Return of the Legend and Corsairs: City of Lost Ships. A luxurious 112-gun manowar, the beauty and pride of the French navy, the Soleil Royal is present in several missions of the French national line. Formally, according to the scenario, the ship is transferred to the player only for temporary possession, but the developers of the game (it is not known whether on purpose or not) made it so that in the end the royal manovar can become the property of the player.

How to grab a salt royal
How to grab a salt royal


Step 1

To get started, complete eleven missions of the French National Line, the last of which will be the capture of the Spanish settlement of Santa Catalina. After capturing this city, it becomes possible to take possession of the royal ship. Do it as follows:

Step 2

Returning from Santa Catalina, transfer most of the crew from the Soleil Royal to your flagship, leaving two hundred fifty or three hundred people, then attack the pirate squadron and order Manovar to board the largest enemy ship (at least a heavy galleon, or better class 2-1 ship). The boarding will inevitably be lost, the pirate captain will exchange his ship for the Royal Soleil, after which you can capture the Royal Soleil itself. As a result, the manovar becomes the property of the player.

Step 3

Arriving in Guadeloupe before meeting with the Marquis Bonrepos, leave the Soleil Royal at the port office, and after a dialogue with the Marquis, take it for yourself - you will now become the full owner of the ship. During the dialogue, one of the game's bugs will be revealed: according to the course of the conversation, the player returns the ship to the ownership of the French crown, but in the end the manovar will wait for the player in the port office.

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