What Sign Of The Zodiac Suits A Capricorn Woman

What Sign Of The Zodiac Suits A Capricorn Woman
What Sign Of The Zodiac Suits A Capricorn Woman

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The Capricorn woman is very demanding and conservative. She approaches the choice of a partner very thoroughly and appreciates the traditional views on family and relationships. According to astrologers, the most passionate and emotionally intense unions in a Capricorn woman are possible with the signs of water and fire - Scorpio and Aries, and the most stable and lasting ones are with the signs of the earthly element.


Capricorn woman compatibility with earth signs

All representatives of the earthly element are perfect for a Capricorn woman: Taurus, Capricorn and Virgo. In a pair of Capricorn with Taurus, complete harmony reigns. Both are practical, purposeful, value stability and comfort, have the same views on family and relationships. The only disadvantage of this union is that it often turns out to be not too passionate. The same can be said about the other two combinations: the relationship of a Capricorn woman with Virgo or with a representative of her own sign can hardly be called passionate and emotional. But both of these signs are practical ideal partners for her, with each of whom she can create a happy and lasting union.

Capricorn woman compatibility with water signs

Among the water signs, Scorpio and Cancer are considered the best partners for Capricorn. The Scorpio man brings passion and vivid emotions into her life, and she gives him stability. Both partners are committed to a serious relationship, so their union can be very long and lasting. The Cancer man is also very well suited to Capricorn for family life, but his partner may not be satisfied with his financial simplicity and low ambitions.

Capricorn woman compatibility with air signs

The only sign of the air element that Capricorn has good compatibility with is Aquarius. He attracts her with spontaneity and inner freedom, and she attracts him with dedication and excellent organizational skills. But despite the mutual attraction, this union is still considered quite difficult: sooner or later, Capricorn will try to establish clear rules and boundaries for his partner, and Aquarius, with his desire for freedom, will constantly violate them, which can lead to a break.

Capricorn woman compatibility with fire signs

The best partner among the signs of the fire element for Capricorn is Aries. A woman in this union is able to be a reliable support and loyal friend, helping the ambitious Aries to achieve career heights. He also brings novelty and diversity to their relationship, which the conservative Capricorn woman sometimes lacks.

Another suitable zodiac sign for Capricorn among the representatives of the element of fire is Sagittarius. A real feeling often flares up between them, but usually the relationship of this couple does not last long, since Sagittarius is too fickle, and the Capricorn woman strives for a stable and lasting relationship.

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