How To Summon The Spirit Of Love

How To Summon The Spirit Of Love
How To Summon The Spirit Of Love

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Often desperate young girls and boys who want to find happiness in love turn to the world of spirits. Many people try to perform magical rituals simply in order to gain new hope, that is, they are engaged in self-hypnosis. Usually these are quite harmless rituals, more like a game. Some really believe in the powers of spirits, hope for their support. Remember that you should turn to magical rituals only if you are sure that invoking the spirit of love is the only way to find what you want.

How to summon the spirit of love
How to summon the spirit of love


Step 1

At the heart of any ritual is primarily your belief in it. If you really want to touch the mysterious forces, then perform the ceremony alone and take it seriously.

Step 2

A seance will help you if you just want answers to a series of questions. Purchase a special board for spiritism, which may be called "Witch's Board", "Talking Board" or "Ouija Board". Or make this field yourself. For example, take a regular Whatman paper. Write the entire Russian alphabet and numbers from 0 to 9 in a circle, do not forget about the words "Yes", "No", "Hello" and "Goodbye". You can drive on a homemade board using an ordinary saucer with a drawn arrow.

Step 3

You can find some spell that you think will help summon the spirit, or you can simply sincerely ask the spirit who answers questions about love out loud to come to you and help. It is not words that are important here, but the strength of your desire and faith.

Step 4

When the spirit arrives, you may feel a slight breeze, a slight chill, or just some heaviness in the air, as if it will become harder to breathe. But sometimes spirits appear completely without external signs, so the most important landmark is the movement of the pointer on the Ouija board. The spirit must communicate its presence by moving the saucer in your hands towards the word "Hello".

Step 5

After you are convinced that the spirit has come, you can feel free to ask any questions. At the end of the session, be sure to ask the spirit to leave your home for good.

Step 6

If you need not only answers, but also help from the spirit, you must offer him something as payment. In classic dark magic rituals, it is blood: yours or that of a sacrificial animal. In more modern ceremonies, memorabilia, hair, and actual material values ​​(gold, jewelry) are given to the spirit. You always choose the method of payment, but the spirit may not accept the gift, considering it insufficient.

Step 7

The difference between a seance and invoking the spirit-helper is that in addition to the method of communication (the Ouija board), you must take care of creating an altar with a sacrificial offering for the spirit.

Step 8

You can summon the spirit both using special conspiracies, and by composing the text of the appeal yourself. If your faith in the possibility of calling the spirit is strong, and your desire is sincere, then the spirit will certainly hear you.

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