How To Read The Hand

How To Read The Hand
How To Read The Hand

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Fortune telling by hand is palmistry. Usually it is used to predict the distant future, for certain successful coincidences of circumstances, as well as to determine the hidden talents of a person and in order to understand his character.

Palmistry predicts the distant future and more
Palmistry predicts the distant future and more

It is curious that fortune telling by hand is also used in order to deal with the problems of the present. It is worth noting that this is much more important, since only the right actions performed at the present time can guarantee the implementation of certain desired results in the future. As they say, forewarned means forearmed!

The principles on which fortune telling by hand is based

A person's future is closely related to his past and present. It's hard to believe, but in most cases, the future is shaped as a result of thoughts and actions. Fortune-telling by hand is designed to suggest exactly what tendencies will be manifested in the fortuneteller's fate. It is curious that experienced palmists and fortune-tellers do not limit themselves to examining one hand. They look at both palms. By the way, it is the right hand of a person who is responsible for his future, and his past is reflected on the left. Roughly speaking, the left hand shows what a person came into this world with, and the right one speaks of who he will become if he continues to live.

How to guess by hand?

Studying the art of palmistry, one should not rush to a complex analysis. It will not be easy for a novice palmist to immediately objectively examine the entire palm, isolating those very specific marks and lines in it. The fact is that on a living hand, such marks will always look somewhat different than on the drawings in the teaching aids. By the way, professional palmists examine not only the palm, but also the shape of the fingers, pay attention to the rigidity of the hands, to the presence of certain hills and lines.

The beginner should confine himself to considering the most important marks on the palm. Hills and mountains, lines of life, hearts and minds, mounds of Saturn, Venus, Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, the Sun, and the Moon appear on it, as if on a geographical map. The whimsical lines of the hands are the river beds, which have acquired the names of fate, health, head, heart, marriage. In addition, you can see certain stars, triangles and crosses in the palm of your hand. In order not to be mistaken with the result of predictions, a novice palmist needs to tell fortunes on the hands of several people (for example, to tell fortunes to his friends). This will allow him to see what all of the above elements look like.

It should be remembered that individuality and diversity, the dissimilarity of lines, as well as their compatibility with each other, lie at the heart of hand predictions. A palmist is considered talented if he is able to recognize and interpret these particular elements and their combinations. Moreover, in order to correctly guess by the hand, it is necessary to be able to correctly link the interpretations of the individual elements of the hands into a single picture. The essence of fortune-telling is precisely this. Here intuition comes to the aid of the palmist! The fact is that it is not enough just to memorize some training manual on palmistry, as well as learn to see the difference in certain marks and hills. Palmistry requires intuition and, of course, experience!

Professional palmists look not only at the hand, but also observe the structure of the body as a whole. It often happens that the results that the hands "speak" do not correspond to the general appearance of the person and his behavior. In this case, the palmist must know that there is a person in front of him who could be influenced by both hereditary physiological traits and duplicity, hypocrisy, secrecy, certain mental illnesses. Here we will talk about the karma of a person. Therefore, palmistry is not an option. He needs to be sent to astrologers and esotericists.

So, to say that a person understood how to read the hand and mastered the art of palmistry is possible only if, with just one glance at the palm, he can almost unmistakably name the main individual characteristics and character traits of another person. A professional palmist should talk about the main milestones of fate, looking at the hills, mounds and life lines. The study of the individual elements of the hands and their interpretation is an additional plus to the skill level of the palmist. Only practice and an experienced mentor will help to achieve all this!

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