Who Is Padawan?

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Who Is Padawan?
Who Is Padawan?

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The series "Star Wars" was remembered for its vivid plot, thanks to which viewers were able to learn about the existence of a fictional universe in which the Dark and Light sides of the Force are opposed. Some of the words that sound in the tape may seem incomprehensible, for example, Jedi, Youngling and Padawan. What do they mean and how are they related?

Anakin Skywalker - Padawan
Anakin Skywalker - Padawan


A Padawan is a Jedi Apprentice who will undergo training under the guidance of his teacher, the Jedi Master, as well as the Jedi Master.

The mastery steps are arranged as follows:

  • Yongling;
  • Padawan;
  • Jedi Knight;
  • Master / Master.

The Padawan had to perform tasks, both the simplest and the highest level of difficulty. Over time, after gaining enough experience, he will claim the title of Jedi Knight. Yongling is the first rank, but as soon as the teacher agrees to take the young warrior under his leadership, he immediately becomes a Padawan.

A distinctive feature of the Padawan is the presence of a pigtail, which he wore behind his ear. The naturally bald races had no right to even think about joining the light side of the Force.

Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker

Star Wars character Anakin Skywalker was fortunate enough to become a Padawan without being a youngling, as the boy joined the ranks of the warriors at the age of ten, which is quite a long age by local standards. Obi-Wan Kenobi agrees to become his teacher.

future Padawan Skywalker
future Padawan Skywalker

The Padawan, who belonged to the light side of the Force, had no right to feel anger, had to learn to control his emotions.

As for the representatives of the Dark Order, they had to strive for complete control of the fire within each of them. Feeding negative emotions such as rage, anger, treachery, and hatred helped increase their strength.

padawan and his teacher
padawan and his teacher

The fall of the republic makes its own adjustments

The Great Jedi Extermination was the reason for the disappearance of the title of "Padawan". Luke Skywalker becomes the founder of the New Jedi Order. The presence of a pigtail is no longer necessary, and beginners are no longer called "Padawans". From this point on, only the term "disciple" is commonly used.

The number of Jedi Knights is rapidly decreasing, as a result of which, by order of Skywalker, the restrictions on the number of students per Jedi have been removed. Even Skyoker himself takes two nephews to teach him: Anakin and Jacen. However, the new system was not without problems. It was difficult for one master to pay due attention to several students; cases were recorded that some students could go over to the dark side. Most likely, this is the reason for the restoration of the original rule.

Timeline of the Jedi

During the time of the Jedi, there was a special form of time reckoning. The Battle of Yavin ended in victory for the Rebel Alliance. Since then, the Rebel Alliance and the New Republic have used a new chronology. it is denoted in this way: “to me. b. " - before the Battle of Yavin, and “p. I. b. " - after the Battle of Yavin. So, by 40 p. I. b. the students have the traditional pigtail again. The term "padawan" will be returned only after 130 "p. I. b. ".

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