Horror Games: What To Play In The Evening

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Horror Games: What To Play In The Evening
Horror Games: What To Play In The Evening

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In the evening, when it gets dark and you want to tickle your nerves, there is nothing better than watching a horror movie with the lights off or, much more popular, playing computer games of the horror genre.

Horror games: what to play in the evening
Horror games: what to play in the evening

Old games

Doom 3 is one of the oldest computer games in this genre. The player will have to travel around a Martian military base, where a portal to hell was opened during the experiment. Now most of the inhabitants of the base have gone mad, turned into zombies or become possessed by demons, which also oppose the player.

Painkiller is a game with a gloomy atmosphere, the main character of which travels through the hellish worlds, fighting against the creatures of evil. Zombies, witches, skeletons, maddened monks, long-dead soldiers of the First World War against an impressive arsenal of the player, turn the game into a dark but addictive meat grinder.

Cold Fear - a coast guard boat found an abandoned bulk carrier in the sea, filled to the brim with weapons and abandoned by the crew. However, is it abandoned? It is possible that the entire crew remained on board this ship and guards the secret of their death, which is to be revealed to the player.

Clive Barker’s Jericho - a team of telepaths and psychics fights against the creatures of evil that periodically break into our world. Once, during a seemingly private assignment, they come across the legacy of the "Ahnenerbe", who managed to escape to a parallel world after being defeated in the war. The result of this will be a series of heroes' travels across the bloody demonic worlds and a meeting with people possessed by dark forces.

Condemned 2: Bloodshot - During the Vietnam War, the US leadership released a zombie virus on the recalcitrant Vietnamese. During these events, the brother of the protagonist was infected and fled into the jungle. You have to wander in search of him through a humid and dark tropical forest, where traps are set on each path, and something that can no longer be called a man lurks in the thickets.

New games

Dead Island - here you can choose one of the heroes who were vacationing in a luxury hotel in the Hawaiian Islands. After a drunken night, an unnatural silence awakens the protagonist. There is no staff, the elevators do not work, Russian tourists are not rowdy. But the corridors are stained with blood, and the lights are off. Having got out on the street, you understand that the entire vast territory of the island belongs to the revived dead and you are one of the few survivors.

F.E.A.R - A special squad is tasked with infiltrating the building of a corporation engaged in obscure research. To his horror, the main character has to find out that the army of clones controlled by a telepathic maniac is nothing compared to the ghost of a brutally murdered girl.

Aliens versus Predator - dedicated to the confrontation of three races: People, Aliens and Predators, each of which the player is free to choose to complete the game. For predators, both strangers and people are just an object for a bloody hunt, for strangers, both are just food and an incubator, and people … People are only trying to survive in this nightmare.

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