How To Make A Christmas Wreath

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How To Make A Christmas Wreath
How To Make A Christmas Wreath

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The Christmas wreath has a long history. In Europe, in December, they are decorated with front doors or put on the table, equipped with 4 candles, which are lit one at a time every Sunday before Christmas - Advent. Most often, wreaths are sold ready-made on the eve of the upcoming holidays, but you can try to make one of them yourself.

How to make a Christmas wreath
How to make a Christmas wreath

It is necessary

  • - the base of the wreath, woven from straw or thin twigs;
  • - trimming of Christmas tree branches;
  • - ivy or thuja twigs, tree cones, other natural decorations;
  • - thin green wire;
  • - 4 large candles that do not give streaks and drops when burning;
  • - 4 candle holders;
  • - gardening scissors;
  • - Christmas decorations, Christmas balls, dried spices (orange circles, cinnamon).


Step 1

Cut the tree branches into small pieces, 20-30 cm in size, so that it is easier to weave them into the future wreath.

Step 2

Tie the blank for the wreath with wire, making a kind of loop, secure the knot well, twisting the wire several times, hide the knot among the base rods. This is done so that you do not have to hold anything extra while you wrap the wreath.

Step 3

Take the first spruce twig, attach it to the wreath, wrap it with wire so that the branch fits snugly against the base. Link the branches one at a time, step by step, until the base is no longer visible. If some branches do not want to fit exactly, nothing strange, a little fluffiness will not hurt the wreath. If "bare spots" are visible through the Christmas trees, tie another branch in this place, making sure that it lays down according to the principle of shingles - push the base under the already tied branches, and the fluffy part should close the void.

Step 4

Tie a few branches in the opposite direction to the main one. This will help give the wreath more stability.

Step 5

Tie natural decorations to the wreath. Make sure that there are no more than 2-3 varieties, otherwise the wreath will look overloaded. The same rule will be true for other decorations, although the Christmas wreath symbolizes the onset of the holiday, you do not need to make it too pompous.

Step 6

Secure the candle holders, carefully making sure that they are symmetrical and as even as possible so that the melting wax or paraffin burns out completely and does not run off onto the wreath.

Step 7

Attach the rest of the decorations to the wreath, while trying to maintain a uniform style of the product. A good combination, for example, can be red candles and ribbons against a background of bright green branches.

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