How And How Much Does Christian Bale Earn

How And How Much Does Christian Bale Earn
How And How Much Does Christian Bale Earn

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Christian Bale is a Hollywood star with British roots. For the first time the young actor appeared on our television screens back in 1987, when the fairy tale of the joint Soviet-Swedish-Norwegian production "Mio, my Mio" was released. Further, Bale's career gradually gained momentum. His main list of films includes roles in The Dark Knight, The Machinist, American Psycho, Prestige, Equilibrium.

How and how much does Christian Bale earn
How and how much does Christian Bale earn

Biography of the actor

Christian Bale, full name - Christian Charles Philip Bale, was born in Pembrokeshire, Wales on January 30, 1974. Christian's family was somehow connected with show business and the creative field. Bale's mother worked as a clown and dancer in a circus, his older sister and uncle devoted themselves to acting, and his grandfather worked as a stunt double on the set. It is not surprising that the boy followed in the footsteps of his loved ones and showed interest in this area. From his father, who at that time worked as a pilot, Christian inherited a love for new places and adventures, as the family moved frequently. They lived in England, Portugal and the USA. In America, the boy spent most of his youth. A childhood full of impressions directly influenced the choice of Christian Bale to become an actor.

Actor's career and earnings

Christian first appeared on screen, starring in a commercial for a rinse and then a quick breakfast in the early 80s.

The first big role in the career of a young actor was the role in Steven Spielberg's film Empire of the Sun, in which Christian Bale starred at the age of 13. His performance even earned the attention of many viewers and film critics, thanks to which Bale received a special award for Promising Young Star. Surprisingly, more than 4,000 boys passed the casting for the main role, as a result of which Spielberg opted for the little-known Christian.


The actor's career began to grow, and soon he became known in many countries around the world. Today he is one of the most popular movie stars in Hollywood. Through his successful roles, Christian Bale has earned over $ 80 million. For his portrayal of Batman in The Dark Knight Rises, the actor received a fee of $ 15 million in 2012, and in 2013 the star's reward for his work was already $ 35 million.

Best Movies

Following early success, Christian Bale began to appear in more complex and large-scale paintings. Among the most significant are Kenneth Branat's 1989 film adaptation of Henry V, as well as the 1990 television version of Treasure Island, in which Bale starred as Jim Hawkins.

On the list of the best films of the 1990s:

  • family drama News Sellers;
  • musical drama "Swing Children";
  • family drama Little Women;
  • melodrama "Portrait of a Lady";
  • thriller "Secret Agent";
  • drama "Metroland";
  • musical drama "Velvet Goldmine";
  • Adventure "All Small Animals";
  • comedy "A Midsummer Night's Dream".

Christian Bale was almost cast in the lead male role in the famous disaster film Titanic. However, the filmmakers soon changed their minds, as they considered it too much that actors of British descent would play to embody the images of the two Americans. Kate Winslet was left in the project, and the role of Jack Dawson was taken over by Leonardo DiCaprio.

The first starring role was the role of a maniac in the 2000 crime thriller American Psycho. The film became a film adaptation of the cult classic novel by Bret Easton, where Christian Bale embodied the image of Patrick Bateman, a sophisticated killer who terrorizes the city at night. Leonardo DiCaprio also claimed the lead role in this film.

Among his later works:

  • adventure drama "New World";
  • drama "Prestige";
  • the thriller The Machinist;
  • the thriller "Terminator: May the Savior Come";
  • the crime comedy American Scam;
  • war drama "Flowers of War";
  • thriller "From the Hell";
  • drama "The Promise".

In 2011, the actor received an honorary Oscar for Best Supporting Actor in the biographical drama The Fighter, which tells the success story of boxer Mickey Ward. In it, Christian Bale starred with Mark Wahlberg.

Christian Bale is known in Hollywood as an actor ready for the role of experimenting with his body: for the image in the movie "The Machinist" he lost almost 28 kg of his weight, and for his character in the comedy "American Scam", on the contrary, he gained an extra 18 kg. To make the character of Batman, embodied by the actor, look more masculine, Christian Bale again resorted to metamorphoses over his body: he gained ten kilograms and worked on muscles.


An interesting fact is that Christian Bale could play the role of Will Turner in the adventure film Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, but soon changed his mind and the image went to Orlando Bloom.

The actor has earned many awards for his film career, including the Golden Globe and 30 other awards.

Christian Bale has a posh 1999 Mercedes C43 AMG as well as a new Mercedes Benz C43. The actor is a big fan of the Giorgio Armani fashion house and prefers to wear clothes of this particular brand.

Since 2000, he has been married to a former model, make-up specialist and personal assistant to actress Viona Ryder - Sandra Blazik. The couple have two children: daughter Emmaline and son Joseph. Christian Bale is also known for his love of animals: the actor has two dogs and three cats, which he picked up on the street. The star family also supports the Greenpiece International Wildlife Conservation Association and the World Wildlife Fund. Christian Bale also actively contributes to child support organizations.

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