How To Knit A Women's Winter Hat

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How To Knit A Women's Winter Hat
How To Knit A Women's Winter Hat

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An experienced needlewoman can knit a winter hat in just one evening. If you have never made a hat with your own hands, choose a product with a traditional rounded shape and an easy-to-follow, but effective embossed pattern. To make the knitted fabric lush and warm, it is recommended to choose thick knitting needles (numbers from 6 to 8) and the appropriate yarn. The optimal composition of its fibers is natural wool (it perfectly retains heat) and acrylic (it makes the product more elastic and pleasant to wear).

How to knit a women's winter hat
How to knit a women's winter hat

It is necessary

  • - centimeter;
  • - knitting needles No. 6-8;
  • - thick thread (wool and acrylic);
  • - hook;
  • - a needle with a wide eye;
  • - scissors;
  • - fur for a pompom (optional).


Step 1

Tie a 10 by 10 centimeters square with the pattern chosen for your winter hat. Then measure the head circumference of the future owner of the headdress with a centimeter and attach the knitted sample to the tailor's meter. This will help you figure out what the density of your knit is, as well as the size you need.

Step 2

Master the pattern for knitting a hat. For many models, the so-called fluffy elastic is well suited. Please note that when performing it, the number of loops in a row must be a multiple of two; also consider a couple of edging.

Step 3

Perform fluffy elastic in the following sequence:

- in the first row, the initial loop must be removed untied (like the wrong one) at the same time with one yarn;

- then the front loop follows;

- continue to knit the same row to the end;

- start the next row with the purl;

- then knit the front and yarn together;

- then knit the front and back rows according to the pattern.

Step 4

Type the required number of loops on the knitting needles, and immediately start knitting with a fluffy elastic band. Make the main part of the headdress about 14-15 cm high. In order not to make mistakes in size, from time to time try on a loose hat.

Step 5

Now you need to gradually round off the product by gradually decreasing the loops. To do this, in the front rows of the work, knit a pair of loops together according to the pattern. First, do this every 10 loops; then - after 8, 6, etc. As a result, only a dozen loops should remain on the knitting needles, which, when tightened with a thread, form a ring-top of the product.

Step 6

When the top of the knitted hat is firmly fixed with yarn (preferably double folded), crochet the remaining “tail” to the wrong side. After that, you can assemble the main part of the headdress by making a connecting seam.

Step 7

You can make a knitted hat with ears. Make one piece first, then use it as a reference for the opposite lug. To do this, dial the required number of loops along the bottom edge of the headdress (according to the density of your knitting and the required width of the eyelet).

Step 8

Tie a piece about 12 cm high, then start making the rounds. In every second (front) row on the left and right side of the work, decrease one loop 3 times. Close the remaining hinges.

Step 9

You just need to crochet the bundles of woolen threads into the center of the last row, distribute them evenly into three parts and braid a neat braid-tie. Repeat the same for the second ear.

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