Natalia Oreiro's Husband: Photo

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Natalia Oreiro's Husband: Photo
Natalia Oreiro's Husband: Photo

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Actress and singer Natalia Oreiro has been living with the same person for many years. Her husband Ricardo Mollo is not widely known in Russia, but everyone in his native Argentina knows him. He is a talented musician, a prominent representative of Latin Rock. He also has several film roles in his creative career.

Natalia Oreiro's husband: photo
Natalia Oreiro's husband: photo

Early years and early career

Ricardo Mollo was born on August 17, 1957 in the town of Pergamino in eastern Argentina. When he was 13 years old, the boy first heard a recording of Jimi Hendrix - and realized what was the meaning of his life.

Young Ricardo (far left) with MAM

His older brother Omar helped Ricardo master the guitar. He also took the younger Molio into his MAM group when he reached a sufficient level of skill. But in 1984, Ricardo was invited as a guitarist to another band - Sumo, which was destined to become the legend of Argentine rock.

Ricardo participated in the recording of several albums of the group, contributing to the growth of the popularity of the group with his playing. But at the end of 1987, tragedy struck: the leader of Sumo, 34-year-old Luca Prodan, died of cirrhosis of the liver. Other project participants decided that it was unthinkable to continue without Luca, and disbanded the team.

For Ricardo, it was a difficult period emotionally and psychologically. He begins to abuse alcohol and drugs, gaining weight over time. Nevertheless, the talented musician kept himself from going “to the bottom”.

Mollo decides to start a new group. He is joined by former Sumo drummer Diego Arnedo and Gustavo Collado. They called themselves Divididos, which means Divided. In this project, Diego acts not only as a guitarist, but also as a leader and vocalist.

The flowering of creativity with Divididos

The band's first album, 40 dibujos ahi en el piso (Forty Drawings on the Floor), was released in 1989 and was well received in the homeland. The disc Acariciando lo aspero, released two years later, was even more successful. In 1992, three singles of the band were released, and then Divididos became the "group of the year" in Argentina.

"Divided" continue their ascent. The disc La era de la boludez, released a year later, brings the band to the peak of popularity in their homeland. Another famous album, Otro le Travaladna, followed in 1995.

In 1996, the group published a collection of their hits, it was played on MTV. Divididos give large-scale concerts in stadiums, one of which was attended by almost 70 thousand people! The band is also becoming more and more recognizable outside Argentina, finding fans in other Latin American countries.

Until 2003, Divididos released six more records. Then there was a break until the beginning of the "tenths", when two more albums were released. The band's latest disc was released in 2018. At the same time, the team continues to give great concerts with success.

Ricardo Mollo has acted in films several times. These were small roles, and in two serials the musician "noted" in the role of himself. In addition, Ricardo has acted as a producer in the promotion of several Latin American musicians.

Personal life. Ricardo and Natalia

Before meeting Natalia Oreiro, Ricardo was not an exemplary family man. The musician was very popular with the fair sex and paid them in return. In the 1980s, he became a father twice: two different women gave birth to his daughters Maria Azul (1982) and Martina Aldabel (1988).

In the late 1980s, the young singer Erica Garcia became Ricardo's lover. She remained his de facto wife for a decade, but the couple broke up in 1999.

Around the same time, Ricardo decided to change his lifestyle. He gave up not only alcohol and psychoactive substances, but also became a vegetarian, began to monitor weight. "Fat Mollo", as he was called, is once again becoming a slender attractive man.

In 2001, Ricardo met Natalia Oreiro. We met for the first time at a yoga center. The girl was then 24 years old, and the musician was 44. But the twenty-year age difference did not in the least interfere with the development of their relationship.

Note that before that Natalia was also in a long-term relationship. Her former lover was the Argentine actor Pablo Echarri, with whom she dated for six years. At the time of her acquaintance with Mollo, the girl was free, but, according to her, she was still very upset by the break of her previous relationship. The new meeting changed everything.

Already in early 2002, Natalia and Ricardo are getting married. Instead of exchanging wedding rings, the young got tattoos on their ring fingers as a sign of eternal love. The ceremony was closed, and the general public learned about the union only two years later!

Of course, evil tongues said that not everything is perfect in the relationship between Oreiro and Mollo. They paid attention to the age difference between lovers and predicted an imminent breakup. It was suspected that Natalia was guided by a calculation, "taking into circulation" a famous musician and producer. They also recalled her former friendship with Erica Garcia.

Oreiro and Arana in the series "Wild Angel"

The further married life of Natalia and Ricardo was also accompanied by rumors and gossip. So, the actress was credited with novels with younger men. They talked about her alleged connection with a partner in the series "Wild Angel" and "You are my life", handsome Facundo Arana. Then they wrote about the new candidate for Natalia's heart - the actor Benjamin Vicuña. It was reported that Oreiro even almost left her husband for the sake of her hobby, but changed her mind in time.

Be that as it may, Natalia and Ricardo saved their family. The spouses have a son, Merlin Ataulpa Molio Oreiro, who was born in 2012. Rumors and suspicions continue to accompany their lives - however, like all celebrities. However, the couple gets out of such situations with dignity.

Throughout their life together, the couple supports each other in creativity, contributing to mutual success.

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