Timati's Wife Alena Shishkova: Photo

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Timati's Wife Alena Shishkova: Photo
Timati's Wife Alena Shishkova: Photo

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Shishkova Alena Alekseevna is known as the ex-wife of rapper Timati, as well as a glamorous model and the second vice-queen of beauty "Miss Russia 2012". Participant of glamorous photo shoots in Maxim magazine, numerous advertising campaigns and fashion shows.

Timati's wife Alena Shishkova: photo
Timati's wife Alena Shishkova: photo

Childhood and youth

Alena in her youth

Shishkova was born on November 12, 1992 in Tyumen, in the family of Nadezhda and Alexei Shishkov, a graphic designer and teacher of the river school. The girl was an only child, so her parents tried to pamper her for every reason and without. As a child, she grew up as a creative child, but she did not even think about a modeling career. The main hobbies were playing the guitar and singing. Alenka even attended a music school, but Alena's musical career did not work out.

For the first time as a model I tried myself in adolescence and immediately felt a vocation for this profession. At the age of 13, she starred for Fashion collection magazine, participated in the Image 2008 beauty contest in Tyumen and even won the title of Miss Hope and Miss Dream.

In addition, the girl tried to participate in all kinds of beauty contests: "Miss Dream", "Miss Hope", "Miss Charm", "Miss Little Sun" and many others.


At the contest "Miss Russia 2012"

In 2009 she was awarded the title "Miss Sunshine". In 2011 she took part in the international project CoverBeautyLook-2011. In 2012, she won third place at the Miss Russia 2012 beauty pageant, becoming the second vice-miss. This competition attracted the attention of the whole country to her person after she inappropriately answered the host's question, which caused ridicule not only from the audience, but also from viewers.

Despite her ridiculous statement, her modeling career took off. In 2013, she was invited to participate in an advertising campaign for MercedesBenz, and then offered a place in the prestigious Moscow modeling agency "Renaissance". During her work in this agency, the girl modeled on the best catwalks in Russia, Europe, Asia and the United States, starred in the "Haute Couture Weeks" in Paris, Tokyo and Milan. Subsequently, and until now, the girl has firmly established herself in the position of a permanent model in this program.

In 2014, the girl became the face of the prestigious Russian brand Bella Potemkina. In 2015, she took a number of erotic photos for Maxim magazine.

Since 2016, the model, in collaboration with designer Anna Chibisova, has released two collections of her clothes.


In 2017, Alena and her friend opened their own beauty salon "White Star beauty" on Novy Arbat, specializing in color. In addition, the model became the face of the famous Ukrainian brand Gepur, in the advertising campaign Now it is one of the most popular salons in Moscow. whom Alena is positioned as Timati's ex-girlfriend.

Also in 2017, Shishkova tried herself in a new role. At the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Azerbaijan, Alena hosted a live broadcast of the championship via Instargam.

In the near future, Shishkova plans to open another, her own beauty salon, since the first one can no longer satisfy everyone.

Style and appearance

Like many models, Alena went through several plastic surgeries. In 2011, she corrected the shape of her nose, cheekbones and lips, and underwent rhinoplasty. After a while, I made two tattoos.

Subsequently, she changed her appearance a little more to look like Megan Fox and other modern models. Alena does not hide that she is a fan of Megan Fox's creativity and strives to be like her. In early 2012 and in mid-2015, she twice enlarged her breasts for erotic filming in a men's magazine.

Before and after plastic surgery

In addition to plastic surgery, Alena regularly dyes her hair in prestigious European salons, with the help of diets, she maintains a weight from 50 to 55 kg with a height of 176 cm.

In clothes, he prefers outfits from Christian Louboutin, Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana.

Together with Timati

Alena met with the famous Russian rapper in 2012 on the set of an advertising video.At that time Timur Yunusov (real name Timati) was at the zenith of his fame. A year later, the whole of Russia knew about the novel of Timati and Shishkova after they appeared together at the “Voice” and “Song of the Year” contests. The couple did not register an official marriage, preferring an open relationship.

In March 2014, the couple had a daughter, Alice, and a year later the couple broke up. Now Alena is raising her daughter herself, although Timati takes an active part in this, spending a lot of time with her.

Daughter Alice is a poured copy of dad, although she was born a blonde in her mother. Since Alena and Timati devote a lot of time to business, the girl receives her main education from Timur's mother, Simona. Simona is very happy to bring up her granddaughter and does not like her soul, while Alice's parents can calmly go about their business.

The birth of Alice was a rather unexpected event for the fans of Shishkova and Timati. The fact is that they went to many tricks to hide the fact of Alena's pregnancy. And the very birth of the child took place in the Dominican Republic, in a villa in Santa Domingo, where he lives to this day.

According to some rumors, the relationship between Timati and Alena deteriorated against the background of the fact that the girl began to openly meet with the football player Anton Shunin from Moscow Dynamo. Other rumors suggest that Timati himself left Alena for the model Anastasia Reshetova, with whom he still has a serious relationship.

In 2016, Alena and Timati celebrated their daughter's second birthday together. The holiday took place in the Dominican Republic, where Shishkova lived for some time. Photos from their joint holiday said that their relationship began to improve, but they themselves refused to comment on anything.

In 2018, Alena and Timati recorded a joint advertising video. In addition, the model starred in Timati's solo video "Demons", in which she plays one of the main characters.

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