How To Knit Women's Hats With Knitting Needles

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How To Knit Women's Hats With Knitting Needles
How To Knit Women's Hats With Knitting Needles

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A knitted hat is a must-have accessory in a fashionista's wardrobe. Correctly selected models and colors of hats emphasize the dignity of appearance and add completeness to the image. Classic hats with cuffs are always popular. They embody the practicality of the casual style.

How to knit women's hats with knitting needles
How to knit women's hats with knitting needles

It is necessary

  • For a hat and scarf with a floral border:
  • - 350 g of yarn of the main color (50% merino wool, 50% acrylic);
  • - the remains of multi-colored yarn for embroidery (100% wool);
  • - stocking needles # 7;
  • - straight knitting needles # 7;
  • - hook number 6;
  • - a needle for embroidery.


Step 1

The pattern for the slats (lapel) is knitted with a purl stitch. Circular rows: purl all loops.

Step 2

The main pattern is the front surface. Circular rows: knit all loops.

Step 3

For a tight knit pattern, cast on 11 stitches on the stocking needles and knit 15 circular rows. You should get a 10x10 cm square.

Step 4

Cast on 64 loops for the hat on the stocking needles. Distribute them evenly over four knitting needles. Close the loops into a ring and knit with a placket pattern (purl stitch). After three centimeters, subtract one loop on each spoke. There should be 60 loops in work.

Step 5

After twelve centimeters from the typesetting edge, go to the front surface. After another twelve centimeters (or 24 cm from the typesetting edge), begin to decrease on each spoke. To do this: knit 1 knit, make 1 simple broach (remove 1 loop as knit, knit 1 knit and pull it through the removed loop), 9 knit, 1 simple broach, 1 knit. 52 loops should remain in the work.

Step 6

Repeat the decrease two more times in every third circular row. The number of loops as a result of decreasing will decrease to 36.

Step 7

Next, decrease in each circular row until there are three stitches left on each of the knitting needles.

Step 8

Pull off the remaining 12 stitches with a working thread.

Step 9

Unscrew the plank pattern to the outside. Crochet the outside edge with one row of connecting posts.

Step 10

Make three thread pom-poms and sew them to the top of the hat.

Step 11

Embroider fantasy flowers on the lapel with a stalked seam with multi-colored threads.

Step 12

Cast on 32 straight needles for the scarf.

Step 13

Next, knit: 1 hem, 1 purl, 1 front, 1 purl, 26 loops of the main pattern (front stitch; front rows: all front loops; purl rows - all purl loops), purl 1, front 1, purl 1, 1 hem.

Step 14

After 150 cm, close all loops. Stitch the short sides of the scarf with a stalk stitch.

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