Lisa Arzamasova's Husband: Photo

Lisa Arzamasova's Husband: Photo
Lisa Arzamasova's Husband: Photo

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Video: Актриса Елизавета Арзамасова и фигурист, продюсер Илья Авербух о романе. Вечерний Ургант. 23.09.2020 2022, August

Elizaveta Arzamasova is known primarily for the role of Galina Sergeevna in the popular TV series "Daddy's Daughters". But in addition to this work, the actress has participated in successful theatrical performances and films. The girl is not married and carefully hides her personal life.

Lisa Arzamasova's husband: photo
Lisa Arzamasova's husband: photo

Biography of Elizabeth Arzamasova

Elizaveta was born on March 17, 1995 in Moscow. Since childhood, the parents devoted a lot of time to the development of the girl's creative abilities and artistry. She went to various sections, including actively engaged in singing. At the age of seven, she even traveled to America, where she took part in the Hollywood children's talent competition. There were gifted children from 60 countries. Lisa did not take a prize at this competition, but she gained useful experience, made many acquaintances and forever remembered these bright events.

From the age of four, Elizabeth attended a music club at GITIS. Already in 2001, six-year-old Arzamasova got her first role on the screen. She played a small cameo role in the series "Defense Line".


Unfortunately, at about the same time, a tragic event occurred in the family - Liza's father, Nikolai Arzamasov, tragically dies. Elizabeth and her mother Julia still do not want to remember these difficult days, but familiar families and neighbors speak of Nikolai as a pleasant, kind and loving person.

Even at a time when four-year-old Liza had just started going to a music studio, her mother, Yulia Arzamasova, decided to pursue a career as her daughter. She posted a photo and profile of Lisa on one of the talent search sites. The profile attracted the attention of the Moscow Variety Theater, from which a call followed with an invitation to participate in the casting. His Arzamasova was successful, getting the main role in the musical "Annie".

The musical brought little Lisa popularity among Moscow theatergoers. In 2004, at the Moscow Debuts Theater Festival, the actress received her first award - the Audience Award.

A year later, Liza Arzamasova played for the first time on the stage of the Moscow Academic Musical Theater "Novaya Opera". She again got the main role - Anastasia Romanova in the opera Anastasia.


Lisa's theatrical career developed rapidly. She played on the stage of the Moscow Art Theater. A.P. Chekhova, performed the role of the girl-Jesus in the play "The Pillow Man" by Kirill Serebrennikov.

After school, Lisa entered the Humanitarian Institute of Television and Radio Broadcasting named after M.A. Litovchin to the production department. Everyone expected that Arzamasova would choose a theater university, but the girl went her own way. Five years later, she received her honors degree.

Since 2017, Liza has been a member of the board of trustees of the Old Age in Joy charitable foundation, and she is not just listed in it, but takes an active part in the work.

The creative activity of Elizaveta Arzamasova

Elizaveta Arzamasova gained wide popularity thanks to the series "Daddy's Daughters", which aired on the STS TV channel in the mid-2000s. She created a memorable image of the polymath and prodigy Galina Sergeevna Vasnetsova. This role has long been associated with Lisa Arzamasova in the first place.

In 2010, Lisa performed the role of Juliet in the play “Romeo and Juliet”. Her partner was the actor Philip Bledny, an affair with whom the actress was later attributed. Her first performance in this part took place on January 30, 2010, when Arzamasova herself was Juliet's age - she was only 14 years old. Then she sang the song "I am your sun" and starred in the video - again with Philip Bledny.

Her acting career began in 2005-2006. Then Lisa played in the mini-series "Under the Shower of Bullets" and "Echelon", the film "Secret Weapon". In 2012, Arzamasova voiced the main character of the Disney movie "Brave Heart" - the Scottish princess Merida. In 2013, Elizabeth became Juliet again - however, this time only her voice was useful.She voiced the Shakespearean heroine in the American feature film Romeo and Juliet. The main role was played by actress Hayley Stanfield.

In addition, the girl appeared on television screens in the project of the First Channel "Ice and Fire". Together with Maxim Staviysky, Lisa competed in the ability to skate and perform modern choreography. The dance duet took second place, losing only to Tatiana Navka and Alexei Vorobyov.

Personal life of Elizabeth Arzamasova

Although Elizaveta Arzamasova is in sight from an early age, very little is known about her personal life. Viewers who watched the growing up of the actress in almost real time are interested in who became the chosen one of the actress. Since the girl turned 18, she has been credited with having affairs with various young people.

For example, there were active rumors that Elizabeth was dating her colleague on the TV series "Daddy's Daughters" and the musical "Romeo and Juliet" Philip Bledny. But the actress rejected all the gossip. In an interview, she said that she and Philip had exclusively friendly and working relations, after which she refused to comment on her personal life.

Then information appeared in the press that Elizaveta Arzamasova played a wedding, and a man much older than her became her chosen one. According to rumors, Mikhail Kolosov became the husband of the actress. Lisa herself never confirmed this information and denied the rumor. Perhaps this is due to the age difference. The man is 15 years older than Lisa.


Recently, Lisa has often been seen in the company of Rodion Gazmanov. From the photographs, we can conclude that we are facing a beautiful romantic couple, but Rodion and Elizabeth themselves deny that there is a romance between them. They claim that there is nothing between them but a strong friendship.

Elizabeth is more often seen with family than with young people. Her mother constantly accompanies her daughter to the shooting to support her during the emotionally difficult work.

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