Oleg Yankovsky's Wife: Photo

Oleg Yankovsky's Wife: Photo
Oleg Yankovsky's Wife: Photo

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Oleg Ivanovich Yankovsky - Soviet and Russian theater and television actor, director of a number of films. His wife, Zorina Lyudmila Aleksandrovna, is a Soviet and Russian theater and film actress.

Yanklvsky: Oleg, Lyudmila, son Philip and daughter-in-law Oksana
Yanklvsky: Oleg, Lyudmila, son Philip and daughter-in-law Oksana

Biography and career of Lyudmila Zorina

Lyudmila Alexandrovna is a native of the city of Saratov. Born on May 1, 1941. In 1959, at the age of 18, she decided to enter a theater school in her hometown. At the same school, I met my future husband Oleg Yankovsky, who was a year younger. After a short time, the couple entered into an official marriage. At that time, Lyudmila was in her third year, and Oleg was in her second year of college.

After graduating from the Saratov School in 1964, Lyudmila was invited to work at the Saratov Drama Theater, where she quickly gained success and popularity. Also, at her insistence, her husband Oleg was also hired to work in the same theater. For 10 years of work in this theater, she played more than 50 main roles in various performances and productions. Oleg was received rather coolly.

In 1974, together with her husband, Lyudmila moved to Moscow and got a job there in the Lenkom theater.

Lyudmila also played several roles in films:

  1. Television show "A guy from our city" (1978).
  2. "Flights out and in reality" (1982).
  3. The Kreutzer Sonata (1987).

Life with husband

The film "Outwardly and in reality"

Over the years of married life, Lyudmila gave birth to a son, Philip Yankovsky (1968), who later became, like a father, an actor and film director. Currently, Oleg and Lyudmila also have grandchildren: Ivan and Elizabeth.

Oleg and Lyudmila met while still students, but marriage at such a young age did not prevent them from living together for 48 years. Many cited their marriage as an example to others, many envied their family happiness, many were surprised that the joint life of two artists, two creative personalities could last for almost half a century.

The first acquaintance of the future spouses took place a year before the wedding. Young students were sent to the circus to play one of the sketches before the show began. Then they met in the dressing room. About a year later, the couple went to Moscow to exchange experiences with Moscow students. There, Lyudmila received a marriage proposal from Oleg. The wedding took place in 1962.

The first conflicts between the spouses began because of Lyudmila's professional successes. The fact is that the young artist quickly became a star in Saratov and gained many admirers, earned a good reputation among colleagues and the management of the theater.

Oleg, despite his diligence, never achieved anything. He was given only cameo roles, perceived only as the husband of the star Zorina. True, then his career took off sharply, but not in the theater, but in the cinema.

TV show "A guy from our city"

When Lyudmila's husband was called to work in Moscow, it was a breakthrough in his film career. At the same time, it was the end of a career for Zorina. It was very difficult for Lyudmila to make such a decision.

In Moscow, Yankovsky became famous throughout the country, and no one recognized Lyudmila. The situation was diametrically opposite to that in Saratov.

The flip side of her husband's popularity was his numerous fans. Rzepnshchin ran after him in droves. At concerts, performances and performances, there was always a full hall of spectators and the main audience in it were women and young girls.

Family life problems

Letters with declarations of love and even threats to Lyudmila began to arrive at the mailbox. There were phone calls from female fans with fictional stories of Oleg's love affairs. Her husband consoled her, saying that she was his only love in life, and everything else was fleeting hobbies.

It was very difficult to endure all this. Moreover, Oleg himself was an amorous person. It is reliably known about his three mistresses:

  1. Elena Proklova. It was a very vivid and memorable novel.Oleg secretly met with her for about two years until his mistress found out that she was pregnant. After that, she permanently ceased relations with Yankovsky, and got rid of the child, since it was obvious that for the sake of her and the child Oleg would not leave the family. In addition, Proklova was a friend of Lyudmila Yankovskaya, their children were friends and attended sports sections together. This also gave an incentive to end the relationship. After the breakup, Yankovsky and Proklova did not communicate for a long time, but when they decided to talk at Abdulov's funeral, Elena thought that Oleg's feelings for her had not cooled down.
  2. Elena Kostina. The artist was 22 years younger than Yankovsky. They met on the set of the film "Flights in Dreams and in Reality", for some time they lived in the same hostel. The wife of Oleg Ivanovich also played in the same film. According to the plot of the picture, Kostina played Yankovsky's mistress. Their romance did not last long and ended after the girl's mother accused the artist that he, an adult and married man, was ruining her young and inexperienced daughter. A few years later, their romance received a very short continuation: on joint filming of another film, they could not resist in again for some time they began to meet.
  3. Elena Voinova. She was an actress and a married woman. But she could not give birth from her husband. Therefore, Voinova began to make attempts to get pregnant on the side. 10 months after the beginning of their romance, Elena nevertheless became pregnant and gave birth to a Yankovsky boy. The woman insisted that Oleg leave his family and marry her, but to no avail. Since then, Voinova stopped all communication with her lover and gave her son her last name.

Lyudmila knew well about all these novels. In the latter case, she even offered a divorce to her husband. But, despite all the love affairs of her husband, they lived together a long life together, which ended in 2009 with the death of Oleg.

Shortly before the death of Yankovsky

During her married life, Lyudmila was extremely reluctant to communicate with journalists, believing that it is impossible to tell everyone about the details of their personal life. After the death of her husband, she continues to keep the memory of her husband. So, for example, at one time she achieved the cancellation of the TV show about Yankovsky's mistresses, believing that they defame the memory of him.

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