Natalia Vetlitskaya's Husband: Photo

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Natalia Vetlitskaya's Husband: Photo
Natalia Vetlitskaya's Husband: Photo

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A beautiful, confident blonde has broken more than one heart of famous Russian stars. Former soloist of the Mirage group Natalya Vetlitskaya was married four times and had dozens of novels with outstanding and talented personalities. Who is the only one who managed to conquer and keep the elusive beauty?

Natalia Vetlitskaya's husband: photo
Natalia Vetlitskaya's husband: photo

The artist's date of birth is August 17, 1964. The girl was born into an intelligent family of a physicist and a music teacher. Mom, who taught piano at a music school, readily gave her daughter to study ballet, and also sent her to participate in various competitions. Vetlitskaya played the piano no worse than her mother. The future artist graduated from school with a gold medal, after which she worked as a choreography teacher for a short time.


The path in show business began with the ballet of Pugacheva, which Natalya soon changed to the pop group Rondo, where she worked as both a choreographer and at the same time a backing vocalist. She even recorded four solo tracks for one of the band's albums. Then she was invited to the same roles in the "Class" and "Idea Fix" groups.

In the 85th she went to the State Pop Orchestra of Maxim Dunaevsky. And three years later she was replaced by the Mirage group, where she appeared on stage with the beginners Irina Saltykova and Tatiana Ovsienko. And after the tour, having traveled around many cities of the USSR, Vetlitskaya decided to go “on free bread”.

First marriage

The first chosen one of Vetlitskaya was a singer and composer, whose marriage lasted three years. Pavel Smeyan was already a celebrity, he participated in the musicals of Lenkom, was the founder of the "Rock-Atelier". Thanks to his experienced mentorship, Vetlitskaya successfully started her solo career.

The reason for the divorce was the assault of her husband, he beat his wife, and once Natalya almost said goodbye to her life.


Civil husband

Having met the handsome Dima Malikov, and even madly in love with her, Natalya immediately moved to live with him. So the civil marriage of a beautiful blonde began. By the way, Dima was 7 years younger than Vetlitskaya, but this did not become an obstacle to their happy life for three years. The couple never made it to the registry office.

Soon, the singer got bored with a sugary romantic relationship, and she went to another man in love with her. Parting with Natasha Dmitry dedicated the popular composition "Goodbye, my blonde".


Second marriage

Singer Evgeny Belousov met Vetlitskaya in 1989 on the set of "New Year's Light" (according to rumors, on the same night they had their first intimacy). Passion overwhelmed the lovers so much that they immediately applied and got married very quickly. By the way, for the sake of Vetlitskaya, Yevgeny left his wife and child without hesitation.

According to another version, he simply asked her to help get rid of the annoying fan, and she graciously agreed.

And here the singer has not distinguished herself by constancy. It was a record short marriage of just 9 days. On day 10, the wife filed for divorce. A few days before that, Natalya packed her suitcase and left her husband for another, while Eugene was at the next concert.


Third marriage

The third official husband of Natalia was the fashion model Kirill Kirin, who later became the administrator of Philip Kirkorov, and also starred in the famous video by Vetlitskaya "Look in the eyes". Soon this marriage broke up.

After leaving Cyril, the artist first tried to build a family with Pavel Vashchekin, a producer. Then she became interested in the singer Vlad Stashevsky, from whom she went to Vadim Azarkh.

The list of her victories included entrepreneur Suleiman Kerimov, showman Sergei Zverev, businessman Mikhail Topalov. No one could keep Vetlitskaya near him for a long time.

Fourth marriage

The whirlwind of men was stopped by Natalya's instructor and personal trainer in yoga - Aleksey. She left Topalov for him when she learned that she was pregnant with Alexei. There were rumors that the child that Vetlitskaya carried under her heart was from Mikhail.But Natalya herself was categorical - the father of her daughter Ulyana is Alexei, the last love of her life.

The girl was born in 2004 in France. Vetlitskaya is still married, is engaged in Kriya yoga and is happy with her husband. Since the birth of the child, the singer moved to Spain.

Natalia makes a pilgrimage to India every year. In recent years, Vetlitskaya has been engaged in her own mental self-improvement, with her family they go to Spanish massive Catholic holidays. She is actively involved in charity work and often donates money for the needs of the capital's medical institution - a neuropsychiatric hospital.

She lives in her own mansion in the small town of Denia. The star is helped by a visiting housekeeper and a personal gardener. There are no Russian-speaking people here, so Natalya can communicate with few people here, she never learned the language.


But her daughter is bilingual and fluent in two languages. She studies at a private Spanish school.

The singer recently celebrated a round date - an anniversary. She stated that by the age of 50 she had found complete harmony and everything that is necessary for happiness: husband, daughter, home, herself. She does not lead a social life, but she still looks amazing. Photos of the woman can be seen on her personal social media accounts.

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